Blueberry Lemon Scones


Family baking rocks! That is, if you don’t mind having fingers in your scones…


I use the term, “baking” loosely because most of these ingredients for these scones came from a box. Yes, you read that right. I like to bake things that come from a box. Sometimes, half way homemade can be simple and delicious!



For these scones, I used:

1 box of PC President’s Choice Scone Mix

1 cup of fresh blueberries

1/2 cup of lemon juice

zest from 1 lemon




I prepared the scones according to box. I folded in the blueberries carefully, as to not burst them. Next, I added the lemon juice and zest and mix the ingredients with a fork. From there I placed 12 handcut portions on a baking sheet.


Rowan “helped by licking the microplane grater. What can I say? It’s not one of her finest moments. Don’t worry, this kid was totally ok!


Light and fluffy, tasting warm blueberries burst in your mouth is kinda awesome! Also great? Feeling a little like Martha Stewart.

mediumfinishedEh viola! Half way homemade blueberry scones! I have enjoy a few plain scones for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I think I will  warm the rest of this batch up and serve with jam and a cuppa tea in the afternoons. Box baking never tasted so good! Ha!


  1. […] You may remember a few weeks ago, I did some baking with my girlie in our new kitchen. We were in the midst of unpacking and I unfortunately didn’t take many photos from this week. No problem! I did take *ahem* a few of our first kitchen adventure. Eh Viola – a baking Project Life spread was born! I know this spread doesn’t represent the entire story of our life and I am ok with that. I am really good a remember the stress and not always so great a remember the small little fun details. Looking at these photos makes my heart skip a beat. I loved baking with my mom and I hope to continue that tradition with Rowan. And as the journaling card says, I didn’t make them from scratch – but instead from a box! […]

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