Project Life 2014: Week 17


Who doesn’t love an Easter spread in August?


Yes, here is another two page spread completely devoted to easter bonnets, egg hunts and my girlie. All cards are from the Strawberry edition, which, FYI, may be my favourite Project Life edition so far! I love the bold patterns and bright colour palette.


When I look back at this spread, I am reminded that, in addition to celebrating all things spring, we were in the middle of house hunting. When life gets busy, my Project Life spreads switch from weekly documenting to event capturing.  For me, I don’t care if I switch things up, or miss a week here or there. I love to create and my motto is something is better than nothing!


I added a 5×7 insert with an egg craft Rowan completed at daycare. In the above photo, you can see that I attached a title card with some information and the date. In the future, as the number of crafts coming home increases, I plan to photograph Rowan’s art as oppose to including it directly in my album. This egg is a “masterpiece” and matches the colours in the spread so into the album it goes.

Rowan’s outfit: Hat, jacket and boots from Joe Fresh; Jeans from osh gosh.

How do you handle the busy periods? Do switch up weekly documenting to themed based pages?


  1. moving AND scrapping? you are a rock star!!

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