Project Life 2014: Week 26 & 27


Empty house pictures? Yes, please!


For this spread, I combined two weeks into one and focused on one major topic: moving into our new house. Moving means life can be chaotic. Add summer onto this equation and Project Life gets put on hold. After documenting life for 3 years, I recognize and accept that enjoying summer it’s part of the and ebb and flow of my creative work. No worries, stress or guilt here people! Summer weather is to be enjoyed and it’s super easy to “catch up” of Project Life – especially if you keep things simple. Take for example Exhibit A: aka the enlarged 6 x 12 photo of our kitchen in the middle. I heart large “statement” photos!


Journaling cards reflect the feelings of the two weeks including the highs and lows. Thanks to texts, blog posts and general reflections on the moving process.  Layout includes Design A page protectors and cards from my favourite PL edition: Midnight.

Do you “take a break” from Project Life in the summer? If so, do you feel guilty or stressed about the break?


  1. I don’t do PL but I normally take a break from scrapping in general in the summer. I don’t normally feel guilty as much as I miss the creative-ness. This year is totally different though, I completely rocked August & did a few in June & July as well, I am atributing all of my productivity to your Done & Documented series! it challenged me to make some goals & stick with them. happy to say I completed those goals & am on to the last -most vague one I made- start a new year. WHOOOOT!! thank you!

    • jessforster says

      Kim – you are such a rock star! Heehee 🙂 Congrats on setting your goals and sticking with them. I, too, miss the creative time in the summer and always enjoy getting back into the swing of things in the fall. Anywho, thanks (as always) for the thoughtful comments and for reading 🙂 Jess

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