Project Life & Past Vacations


What happens when you become a scrapbooker AFTER you’ve taken some awesome vacations? Why scrapbook them – of course!


It’s no secret, at this moment in time, I am a chronological scrapbooker. Yes, since 2012, I have documented our lives in somewhat consistent order. Does that mean that our everyday lives is the ONLY thing I document with Project Life? Heck no! In between selling our house and moving, I found *cough, cough* made some time to print out these pictures from our 2007 trip to Argentina and Chile. This particular spread is of our time in Patagonia.


You may have noticed that this spread has a balance of photos and words. I don’t believe you have to scrapbook every photo you take and think journaling can help you tell the story just as much as your photos. Recognizing that my memory isn’t as good as it use to be – thanks mommy brain, i’m still waiting for my memory to be fed ex’d back to me – I took to Facebook to search my old status updates. Since the trip was 7 years ago, I used social media  to get an idea of what I was thinking and feeling during our time visiting the glaciers. It is awesome to have access to this kind of information. Hooray for technology!  Apparently, I thought I so funny back then!


The another way I incorporated journaling was to reflecting on what I had learnt during our travels. I believe that pictures only tell part of your story – journaling your thoughts and feelings can help give context and meaning even if it’s 7 years after an event. With simple colour scheme of black, white and blue, this layout came together in no time flat! This layout uses Design A page protectors and journaling cards from the Midnight Edition.

How do you document past vacations?


  1. WHOA!! superwoman!! you rock!
    are you going to continue the ‘done & documented’ tag over here? I just realized that I am still linking to your old blog on my blog when I post the d&d updates LOL

    • jessforster says

      Hey Kim! How are you? I am definitely going to do the done and documented thing over here! Just have to get my act together 🙂 Hope you are well! Jess

  2. oh no hurry! I was just checking before I post my July (or August at this rate) update… 🙂
    I think you are rocking this busy chapter of your life!


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