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If you are like me, when Ali says, “jump” – I often respond with “How high?”. No doubt that I am a keen follower. So when she mentioned last week on her blog on how she included her partner’s perspective in her scrapbooking, I started to reflect on how Aaron has helped to documented our lives. See, I am a lucky gal, who has a super supportive husband. He “gets it”. No only does he encourage me to document our daily lives, he also helps to record our memories. Below are a few ways, Aaron has shared his perspective in my memory keeping.

Project Life


Project Life 2013: Week 26

Aaron is always quick to let me know if Rowan is doing something cute. He will call me or snap something himself if I am not around.  The large picture of Rowan brushing her teeth is one example of how he encouraged me to get my camera. And when I say, “encouraged”, I mean “told me to I better come quick….and bring the camera”. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone…..Ok sorry for being so dramatic. I would survive, but I would hate lugging my DSLR around all the time!    

Pregnancy Album




Pregnancy Album

Back in 2011, I created a pregnancy album that highlighted my journey from conception to birth. It was before I started Project Life but essentially was a mix of pocket pages and traditional layouts. It included this layout, which had 20 facts about Aaron that he wanted Rowan to know. Aaron happily obliged and wrote some really lovely things. Essentially, I created and formatted a document in word, based on a sketch from Ali’s Yesterday and Today class, and Aaron wrote. and wrote. and wrote. Swoon!!!! Three years later, I still love what he shared.

Journal for Rowan



Aaron’s Book for Rowan

Lastly, on the day that Rowan was born, Aaron started to write in a leather journal he bought in Italy in 2009. It’s a mix of serious, silly and sentimental thoughts and notes. I love that he is doing this and that it is his own thing. Also great? His hand writing! What a keepsake!

Bottom line: Aaron is supportive of my memory keeping efforts and participates. He is not always a fan of selfies – but who is? Seriously, I am thankful.  Is your significant other supportive of your memory keeping ways? How have they helped you record your memories? I’d love to hear!

Happy Monday!


  1. Seriously. . . that journal is the sweetest thing ever. I have two cards that my dad picked out and sent to me over my life. They have about one sentence each in his handwriting and I absolutely treasure them. I would die to have a whole journal of his thoughts.

    • Thanks, Wendy! I think it’s pretty special too. Like you, I would so enjoy having of book of some of my relatives handwriting.

  2. I have been browsing through your website today and I very much love this post! My boyfriend loves that I document our everyday live, but he doesn’t give me tips and certainly doesn’t keep a diary! I do persuade him to write something to include in our Project Life album from time to time, though 🙂 For the next year however I am hoping to include more of his story, too.

    • jessforster says

      Thanks for the kind words Steffie! It so nice to have a partner who is supportive of documenting daily life. Best of luck with you 2015 Project Life album and for your comment. Cheers, Jess 🙂

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