WITL 2014: Monday Photos + Words


The Photos


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The Words

6:37 AM I am not ready to get up. It is dark outside and everyone else is asleep. I would like to stay in bed but it is a work day and I must start my day early or we will never get out the door. Oh yes, I have a case of the Mondays – is it coffee time yet?

8:10 AM Daycare drop off and Rowan says, “Burr – I’m very cold Mommy!” I say, “Yes it is very cold Rowan, it’s 3 degrees in Toronto”. Unfortunately, I am distracted – my mind is buzzing with the latest news from Ottawa, the city election and the story related to former Q radio host, Jian Ghomeshi. A part of me, wonders what kind of world we are living in and wishing I could alway protect my girlie from these dangers.

9:20 AM: Arrive at work, in my work attire. Confession: I never know what to wear and this outfit was the third choice of the day. Feeling like I am always late, I run as fast as my swollen ankle can take me into the office. It’s a busy clinic day. In between meeting with clients, I chat with co-workers and return emails. The common theme that runs through today meetings: families being able to access / afford their medications. As a social worker, on any given day, you never know what you are going to face. I enjoy the challenge and helping families get what they need.

3:21 PM Coffee break as I chart on patients I saw in this morning’s clinic. I am aware of the time and soon I will be running out door to go grocery shopping and to vote. It is the calm before the storm that is known as evening routine.

4:47 PM I complete my civic duty and vote. Regardless of who wins the mayoral race tonight, I can not tell you the pride I feel as a woman, every time I get this chance. I am so lucky. Of course, I am hoping for my candidate to win and that at the very least there is some change at city hall.

5:16 PM I pick girlie up from daycare. I love that she runs and gives me a big hug. Sarah tells me that Rowan had a good day and put on her own shoes. Hooray! While sitting in her car seat, Rowan sings her ABCS and asks if we are going “grocery shopping”. I tell her yes! As soon as we arrive home, Rowan hops in the stroller and we head down to the market at the end of the street. Seriously, I love our hood.

6:54 PM I make a quick dinner as Rowan watches an episode of Dora. Yes, it’s Dora, Dora Dora, all the time. Tonight we have breakfast for dinner aka: scrambled eggs / huevous ranchos. After eating, Rowan expends copious amounts of energy, running and jumping, as Aaron goes out to vote. During bathtime, we sing songs and Rowan giggles. Once Rowan goes to bed, I head downstairs to watch the election coverage + blog while Aaron watches shows upstairs on the iPad.


As Aaron puts it, before children we were somewhat aimless, with no direction. Three years into parenting, we both know that our top priority is Rowan. Making sure she is well taken care of is what we focus on daily. I can no longer remember what life was like before her, nor do I want to.


1. I am thankful for the rights I am a afford as a woman in Canada.

2. I am thankful for a supportive family focused workplace.

3. I am thankful for simple family moments, like singing at bath time, that bond Aaron, Rowan and I together.

Favourite Moment of the Day

Hearing that Rowan put her own shoes on today at daycare.


  1. I really dig the mustard sweater with black/white polka dot top.

    Good words – I think I’ll add some daily gratitudes too. merci.

  2. GORGEOUS post!!! I totally slacked & may just skip this year -again- LOL

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