2015 Project Life Plans


Spoiler Alert: This post could also be called “staying the course”. 

If you are Project Lifer / scrapbooker / memory keeper extraordinaire, you have probably seen lots of posts popping up this time of year from others in our community talking about their plans for Project Life in 2015. I devour these types of posts because I love reading about other people’s process. I am a huge fan on reflecting what worked and what didn’t work – so I thought I would, step back and critically look at my creative process:

What worked for me: 

1. Batch Page Making 

Huh? Ok, so maybe I’ve lost you already. This year, I found that I made most of my pages for the month in one weekend – usually the weekend before a deadline. So glamourous, right? Actually, it really worked for me. Once I was in the zone, I was able to create lots of pages all at once. I printed most of my photos first and then I could easily choose my page protectors second. I don’t know if I could have done this in my first year completing Project Life, but it worked for me this year.

2. Theme based story telling vs. week by week

After stressing about what photos to include each week, I finally realized that the easiest way for me was to only scrapbook photos that I love. I roughy create 4 pages per month where photos reflect one theme/event per page. I include a variety of stories through journaling. It’s like traditional scrapbooking, only using page protectors done in a chronological order.

3. Enlargements

You can see enlargements, here, here and here. Yes, I think I may be addicted. Which I am totally find with because I love to elevate small moments into something meaningful. It doesn’t have to be a momentous occasion – just simply, one story I want to record. Added bonus: it fills up pages very quickly!

What didn’t work

Rigid expectations

I ran into road blocks when I had specific ideas of how my pictures should look. Although it’s great to begin with the end in mind, it was limiting when I couldn’t look past and adapt my design plan. Next year, more breathing and letting things flow. Serious, Jess, how many times do I have to remind you to get out of your own way and out of your head! Ha

2015 Project Life Plans

1.  More Day In the Lifes. You can sees how I have documented  DITL in the past here.  I have always enjoyed this type of intense documentation and would like to include more in my 2015 album. Love Megan’s idea of choosing one day each month and just doing it.

2. More different sized page protectors. I want to push myself using different style page protectors like I have this year. I love challenging myself and pushing myself creatively.

3. More “no stress, worries or guilt”. Weekly layouts, monthly spreads….whatever! I am open to documenting my life that isn’t rooted in guilt period. Bottom line: I want to stay the course and continue to do what I have been doing. I love my 2014 album and all the goodness represented in it. Done is better than none!

Want to know more about my Project Life Process as well as how to sustain making pages over the next year, take BPC Project Life Kickoff Class, that I am lucky to be teaching with Juli Jones and Rachel Del Grosso.

How will you be documenting 2015?

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  1. Love your pages! And I love your enlargements. Looking forward to seeing your pages throughout 2015 🙂

  2. Fabulous review & plan for 2015.
    I have toyed w/the idea of throwing out a PL album for 2015 to keep current as well as continue working on traditional pages for the older stuffs… So far, all I have done is think about it LOL


  1. […] As I mentioned earlier this year, I am taking a more relaxed /eclectic  approached to documenting in my Project Life album. Typically I have completed weekly spreads, but this year I am attempting to complete more theme based pages with an emphasis on story telling. The idea really, is that I am going to still complete roughly 4 layouts per month, just documenting them as they may happen. The above layout is the result of Day In The Life. You can see January’s photos and words here; as well as my 2013 & 2014 DITL’s here. As you will notice, I am sticking with the same colour scheme but just different sized photos. I hope that this shows you that you can complete DITL with roughly the same supplies and get completely different results. Did I mention, that I love a good challenge – ha! […]

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