Episode 19: Krista Wells


On today’s show, I am speaking with clear headed, kind and creative, Krista Wells. Living with her husband Matthew, adorable cocker spaniel, Eugene in St. Johns NewFoundland, Krista is the lover of food, fashion and travel. Currently, designing for Kelly Purkey & Feed Your Craft, Krista also teaches classes in person at The Paperie. She has also been published in Scrapbook and Cards Today. Scroll through her instagram account or blog, and you will understand why I think she is the “Canadian Kelly Purkey”! In this episode, Krista shares her product driven approach to pocket page scrapbooking and shares how she uses photos as “place holders” in her album. Here are a few examples of Krista’s work, including her obsession with Beyonce that was mentioned in our chat:

bey_layout bey_closeup1 bey_closeup3 bey_closeup7

Enjoy the show!



  1. I look forward to listening to this episode. I like Krista’s style a lot.
    I really enjoy your podcast. I like how you pick the brains of these creative scrappers. You ask great questions.
    Other pocket scrappers I’d love to hear from are Kelsey McEvoy, Krista Sahlin (a digital designer who does hybrid pocket pages), Alissa Fast, Brandi Kincaid. Kelly Purkey would be a great guest too.
    Keep up the great work, Jess.

  2. I am so glad that Krista mentioned using photos as placeholders. Although I’ve been looking at pocket pages for years, I’ve only started doing them this year. I got very behind very quickly, and that is the exact method I use. Having the photos printed and in the pockets gives me a solid place to start on each layout and lets me skip around – it gives me a glimmer of hope that I can catch up!

    PS: Your interview with Diana Sanchez is what got me hooked on your podcast (and actually, podcasts in general – I binged on every single episode afterwards). I don’t have any crafty friends in my area, so thank you so much for giving me company while I scrap!

    – Cindy

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