Episode 30: Story Camp

On today’s special “on the road” episode, Jess talks with attendees and organizers of the June 2017 Ali Edwards’ Story Camp. Held on Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3, 30 attendees and 9 creative team members traveled across the US and Canada to Eugene OR. This once in a lifetime opportunity / small memory keeping event was organize by Ali’s right hand woman, Katie Jaeger. Over the of the weekend, Ali taught three classes which include sessions on design and storytelling. Enjoy the reflections on the weekend that was!

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  1. Hi Jess! I’ve been a fan for awhile now 🙂 Love me some Pocket Talk 🤗🤓! Today’s episode is near and dear to me though as I still can’t believe I got in to Story Camp!!! OMG! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your experience, and getting a glimpse of what to expect:)
    I knew the moment I saw first details of Camp that it would be a life changing experience for most people. Ali is so special, and so authentic!! It can’t be anything but awesome! I loved how in-the-moment and heartfelt this episode was. Thanks for sharing your experience, and for some great interviews, insight, & inspiration in your Pocket Talk podcast episodes:)
    Can’t wait to see what comes next from you:))

  2. marian garcia says

    Oh my gosh! This was exciting to hear!! And I cant believe I missed the second registration sign up for Story Camp. Maybe my time will be next time. On the bucket list for sure.

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