WITL 2018: Tuesday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intentions

To capture what is real, right now

Tuesday Photos & Stories:



Tuesday Present Participle List:

Loving the fact that I my work schedule has changed so I can the leave office earlier to come home to be with my girl. Ro needs the extra time to decompress from her day and in those moments where she wants her privacy, I catch up on housework. Today, I fold laundry and put dirty dishes from yesterday’s dinner and prep tonight’s dinner. This recent change of working 5 short work day vs 4 longer days makes me feel like I have some work life balance.

Celebrating the fact that my parent have offered to help while Aaron is away. Tomorrow Aaron leaves on a work trip, the 6th trip this year, and my mom and dad text me today to say they were coming for a visit. I accept and I am giddy to know that I will document my parents with my kids in this WITL album.

Eating paleo lemon blueberry pancakes for breakfast. This morning I woke up early so I could actually sit down to eat. Sam joins me at the table and wants to have a bite. I am always so impressed by his willingness to try new things. Two years, I ate a diet that was gluten free. I felt great and lost lots of weight. I am continually looking to improve my health.

Embracing unconventional workout times. With Aaron leaving tomorrow, I opt to run when Aaron and the kids have dinner.  Making time for myself and health is always a priority that juggle with the demands of raising young kiddos.

Listening to the kids watch “PJ Masks” after school / daycare. It’s rare that they will both watch a show together but this cartoon we have some common ground.

Watching John Mulaney’s stand up special, “Kid Goregous” on Netflix while I edit photos. Stand up comedy has been a source of relief and relaxation from work. Running also provides relief from the day to day grind. Tonight I go during dinner, so I can be back in time for bath and storytime. Tonight, I run a 3 km speed workout – thinking something is better than nothing.

Reading one chapter of Matlida to tonight, Aaron and Rowan have been on a real Roald Dahl kick. Aaron tells me latter that Rowan interrupts him by saying: “I just have two questions, 1. Where Matilda’s parents always mean to her and 2. Did you get a hair cut?”. Love there connection.

Thinking that the days of bathing two kids together maybe coming to an end in the near future. Both kiddos are getting too big for bath tub together

Feeling relieved that we didn’t have to go to Sparks tonight. Generally Rowan attends Sparks on Tuesday evenings but after attending camp over the weekend, the meeting was cancelled for this evening. I realize that I like having my own downtime at home at the end of the day.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the gratitude I have for the people in my life, Aaron, the kids, and my coworkers who understand and put up with my desire to document my life right now. I know its not always easy to have a camera around but I am already thankful for participating in this project.

Overheard on Tuesday:

Rowan: “Daddy, I want to buy I whoopie cushion?’ Aaron: “Whoopie cushions aren’t appropriate in public, so no”; Rowan:  “I can I use a whoopie cushion in private?” (Aaron and I looking at each other and dying of laughter)

Sam: “Hi Mama! The birds are very loud! Why is it so cold? What is that noise? Can I see the garbage trucks?” (I love the toddler’s stream of consciousnesses)


Morning  At 6:30 am, I wake up with Sam rolling a bus on my arm and telling me that the birds are loud. Before going to bed last night, I had to return Rowan back to hers after she crawled with Aaron due to a nightmare. Yes, its musical beds here at our house. Today’s morning routine feels rushed as I focus on WITL documentation. I forget to back Rowan’s lunch and swimsuit for school and she reminds us. I appreciate girlie’s new level of awareness but make a mental note to put up our May activity calendar on the corkboard. Although I feel like I am running late, we make it to drop off and work on time. Win!

Midday It’s a steady pace of rounds, charting and seeing clients. Today I meet with another new client at one and review the concepts of CBT. I feel comfortable in my role as a social worker and I am proud of how my skills have developed over the years. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow but for now I feel like I am in a groove. I leave the office on time (yay!) and I can’t help but feel good with the sunshine. On my commute home I opt to listen to some crafty podcasts which makes me want to get into my space play. Mental note, I need to clean said space before that happens.

Evening With our normal Tuesday evening activities (Sparks) are cancelled, I catch up on around the house activities. Laundry, unloading and loading the dishwasher are a few items to check off my to do list.  I prep dinner which includes, turkey meat balls, broccoli and pasta. While Aaron and the kids eat dinner, I take some alone time before Aaron leaves on his work trip. Tonight alone time = going for a 3 km run. The kids are happy that it is a bath night and Aaron plays a game with them. After the kids are in bed, Aaron and I chat about the day, the funny things the kids say and discuss the details of his work trip.

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!

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