Project Life 2014: Week 26 & 27


Empty house pictures? Yes, please!


For this spread, I combined two weeks into one and focused on one major topic: moving into our new house. Moving means life can be chaotic. Add summer onto this equation and Project Life gets put on hold. After documenting life for 3 years, I recognize and accept that enjoying summer it’s part of the and ebb and flow of my creative work. No worries, stress or guilt here people! Summer weather is to be enjoyed and it’s super easy to “catch up” of Project Life – especially if you keep things simple. Take for example Exhibit A: aka the enlarged 6 x 12 photo of our kitchen in the middle. I heart large “statement” photos!


Journaling cards reflect the feelings of the two weeks including the highs and lows. Thanks to texts, blog posts and general reflections on the moving process.  Layout includes Design A page protectors and cards from my favourite PL edition: Midnight.

Do you “take a break” from Project Life in the summer? If so, do you feel guilty or stressed about the break?

Toddler Talk


You guys! When I thought of having a child, I never really considered in how interesting life would be with toddler, especially the conversations. Rowan is hilarious! I know that all parents think their kids are funny especially when it comes to their first born. Full disclosure: I completely fall into the stereotypical, doting parent. Whether or not, you agree that my girlie is destined for comedic greatness – I thought I would share some of our funny recent conversations.

Conversation #1 | Overheard at bath time

Aaron: “Rowan, you are quite a girl”

Rowan: “You too Daddy!”

Conversation #2 |At the doctor’s office

Me: “Oh look, Rowan – there is a rocking horse!”

Rowan climbs on to the horse and interrupts me before I finish my sentence.

Rowan: “Yeehaw, I’m a cowboy, Mommy!”

Conversation #3 | At the park

Me: “Hi Rowan! What are you doing?”

Rowan: “Hi mommy. I am very busy.”

Don’t you love the stage when your kids start talking!? I should be careful for what I wish for. I may regret it.

What funny conversations do you have / had with your toddler?

Happy Monday!

Blueberry Peach Crumble


Say hello to crumble season!

Peach+BlueberriesOk, technically crumble season doesn’t start until the fall but given the cold weather we have had in Toronto lately, I think it is safe to say that it is the unofficial, official start to crumble season.  I know what you are going to ask, and yes, CS (crumble season) is totally a thing!  


Ok – maybe not, but lets give baked fruit desserts the time and attention the need and deserve….! On my latest trip to the grocery shopping. I went in for diapers and walked out with peaches…


and blueberries – all grown in Ontario. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Seriously when the mornings feel like October in August, you want something a little filling. Check out the recipe below:


Peach Blueberry Crumble


6 peaches peeled and chopped into 1/2 inch pieces (Approximately 4 cups)

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup of all purpose flour

2 tsp vanilla extract


3 cups of quick rolled oats

1 tsp of salt

1/2 cup of flour

1/4 brown sugar

1 cup of cold butter cut into small pieces, plus more for the pan.



1. Preheat oven to 375 F. Butter a circular casserole dish and set aside.

2. In a large bowl, combing peaches, blueberries, brown sugar, flour and vanilla. Toss well to mix.

3. In another bowl make topping. Combine oatmeal, salt, flour, brown sugar and stir. Using your fingers, add butter and incorporate it into your mixture.

4. Transfer fruit to prepared casserole dish and press down to pack ingredients in. Next sprinkle crumble topping over peach and blueberry mixture in an even layer. Bake for 45 minutes or until the top is brown and peach/blueberry mixture starts to bubble out. Remove from heat and let cool before serving.



This is a filling snack that is paired really well with vanilla yogurt….and possibly socks and a hot beverage !?! You know, went you want to celebrate #Octaugust which is the unofficial/official start of crumble season in Toronto. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Coincidently – we celebrate a lot of birthdays this week in our family and today, it just so happens to be Aaron’s birthday. Aaron is one of the hardest working people, I know. He is focused and determined but he also has an adventurous and playful side. I have so enjoyed watching him become a Daddy and seeing this side grow and develop as Rowan has gotten older.

Aaron:Rowanphoto-53SpyGlassphoto 1

Aaron is always asking for an updated photos of Rowan for his office. These are just a few that I have printed for him for his birthday…but…shh…don’t tell him! It’s a surprise 🙂

Happy Birthday Honey! We love you and all the silly songs you sing!

Project Life & Past Vacations


What happens when you become a scrapbooker AFTER you’ve taken some awesome vacations? Why scrapbook them – of course!


It’s no secret, at this moment in time, I am a chronological scrapbooker. Yes, since 2012, I have documented our lives in somewhat consistent order. Does that mean that our everyday lives is the ONLY thing I document with Project Life? Heck no! In between selling our house and moving, I found *cough, cough* made some time to print out these pictures from our 2007 trip to Argentina and Chile. This particular spread is of our time in Patagonia.


You may have noticed that this spread has a balance of photos and words. I don’t believe you have to scrapbook every photo you take and think journaling can help you tell the story just as much as your photos. Recognizing that my memory isn’t as good as it use to be – thanks mommy brain, i’m still waiting for my memory to be fed ex’d back to me – I took to Facebook to search my old status updates. Since the trip was 7 years ago, I used social media  to get an idea of what I was thinking and feeling during our time visiting the glaciers. It is awesome to have access to this kind of information. Hooray for technology!  Apparently, I thought I so funny back then!


The another way I incorporated journaling was to reflecting on what I had learnt during our travels. I believe that pictures only tell part of your story – journaling your thoughts and feelings can help give context and meaning even if it’s 7 years after an event. With simple colour scheme of black, white and blue, this layout came together in no time flat! This layout uses Design A page protectors and journaling cards from the Midnight Edition.

How do you document past vacations?

Happy Birthday Gammpy!

IMG_2014 copy

On the best things about about becoming a parent is watching your own parents develop into grandparents. In my case,  I began to appreciate how much unconditional love the older generation has for the younger one. Case in point: my Dad. Since Rowan has been born, I have watched him fully embrace becoming a “Gammpy”.


As my mom said last weekend, “Rowan took to him immediately”.

IMG_1157 copy

I guess she just knew which one of us she could trust her sousie to…


Or who would read her endless bedtime stories when it isn’t even bedtime.


Or someone, who would never lead her astray.

Happy Birthday Gammpy! We love you and the way you fiercely love Rowan!

Chicken Pesto Pizza


Before moving into our new house, Aaron and I talked about the traditions we would like to create in our new space. Hosting Christmas for our families, having Harry Potter movie marathons and home pizza night were just a few of the options we discussed. Since December 25th is not around the corner and Rowan is currently consumed by Dora, pizza night seemed like the easiest tradition to implement first. A few weeks ago, we made Chicken Pesto Pizza!


…and the grown ups drank this awesome local craft beer. Warning, drinking beer while making said pizza will increase the your enjoyment of the whole pizza making process.


If the past is any indication of our future, you will know that I did not make the dough by hand, but in fact bought it from the Brick street bakery. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that.


The pesto for this pizza, is from a jar. You know, cause I’m fancy like that.


I then cut up pre-bought chicken. Ooohhhh!


And then used leftover asparagus. Really, I did grill that a couple days before and then I placed it on the pizza.


Next I added some mozzarella that I shredded myself! For reals, Foodie, for reals!


And then I baked for 12 – 15 minutes at 400 F.


And the kitchen smelled awesome. There really is nothing like simple somewhat “homemade” pizza.


Although Rowan only ate the crust, the grown ups consumed this entire this in seconds flat. Nothing like ending a week, by sitting down at the table and enjoying a meal together. Pizza and the weekend just go together, you know?  Besides travelling the past couple of weeks, we have kept this tradition up for the most part. For me , the fun is planning what beer to pair with our pizza. Here’s too more “homemade” pizzas and expanding my beer repertoire!

Rowan’s Room: Starting from scratch


The first room I want to focus my efforts on is Rowan’s room. Besides minimizing the impact of the transition, there are so many reasons why I want to start fresh in my girlie’s space. On Lee Avenue, Rowan’s room was decorated like a nursery and full disclosure: it wasn’t my favourite. It had moss coloured walls and felt totally uninspired. I am also trying to embracing “the big girl stage”.  In April, Rowan climbed out of her crib,  giving herself a huge goose-egg on her head and her mama a heart attack to boot.  Until we moved, Rowan slept with us in our bed. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t fun! Although I loved lying beside my girlie, I didn’t enjoy her trashing limbs or feet in my face. A space to call her very own is just what the doctor ordered for everyone.


During the open house, I immediately imagined Rowan growing up in this space.  I loved the wall colour and decided to keep it the same until she tells me otherwise. Does this make me the laziest home owner on the face of the earth? Sure, but I prefer to keep things simple. I spied these cute amethyst sheets at target and thought they would be great for the space.


Right now, R’s clothes are hung in the closet, her big girl bed is assembled and decor ideas are swirling around in my head. We need to unpack more of her books and toys as well as hang some art.  For now this room is functional and put together. Oh and as for the transition, as I mentioned Monday. Rowan’s been a champ. She’s slept in her own room since we moved in. Fingers crossed, it stays that way. This mama needs all the beauty sleep she can get! Haha!

Project Life 2014: Week 25


Vacation week – otherwise known as the week I photographed wearing a bathing suit! Hooray !?!


During the last week of June, we travelled to Cape Hatteras and rented a house on the beach. Simply put, we had an awesome time. Really, there is nothing like waking up having breakfast and spending the day by the ocean. Rowan loved running into the water and watching the waves crash into the shore. Seriously, I don’t know how many times she yelled, “It’s coming, it’s coming” and pointing to the waves. A fun story like that deserves it’s own journaling card. For this layout, I use cards from the Coral Edition. The blue, green and coral colours seem to coordinate nicely with our photos, especially my 12 x 12 “statement photo” of Aaron and Rowan.


On a sad note, the week after our vacation, Hatteras was hit by Hurricane Arthur right before the July 4th long weekend. We hope that OBX, Outerbanks will recover from this storm and that people continue to visit. It really is a beautiful place. Page protectors on this layout include: a 12 x 12 and Design V.

On moving with a toddler & dog

photo-109One word to describe the process: exhausting!

I mentioned briefly last week, I am attempting to keep my head above water as we balancing living with half unpacked boxes, working and generally living life. OMG, I don’t know what is worse: not finishing what I started or not even getting to what I had planned to do. Yes, I forgot, mentally, how tiring a move can be. Although we moved one street over, just 5 minutes away from Lee Avenue, it is still an adjustment. But it is an awesome adjustment at that. I love our new space and every time I walk through the door, I feel that I am at home.

My lovely parents took Rowan for three days the weekend we moved. They feed and entertained my busy 2.5 year old girlie for 72 whole straight hours! It was just enough time to get Rowan’s room set up and ready. It’s far from being “done, done” but it’s functional and has all the important things like her clothes, toys and her “big girl” bed. When Rowan came back to the new house, she was a champ. Seriously, this kid is pretty easy-going. I didn’t fully appreciate how resilient kids can be until we made this major life transition. Rowan rolled with the punches with a happy upbeat attitude. Now the dog on the other hand…

Charlie Pup did not do as well as his younger human sister. He knew something was up around June 3oth when Aaron brought home empty cardboard boxes and masking tape. Every time we packed a box, he looked us with a hint of disdain in his eyes. On the day of moving we kept him by our side and took him for lots of walks . He is better now, three weeks in the new house, but still looks relieved when we come home. He always looks relieved when we come home but more so lately.

Aaron and I did well the day of the move. We were a real team, dividing up chores and responsibilities. We unpacked 22 boxes in one day! We also took advantage of the bebe free time and went out for dinner two nights in a row! Seriously, who are we?  All the excitement has worn off as we settle into our new space and routines. I still have to remind myself that our new home a work in process and should be a labour of love. I love thinking and planning how to personalize our space, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, in full on panic mode, thinking that I everything should be unpacked and neatly put away. Seriously, I could always win gold at the worry Olympics.

So to sum it up: we love our new place; we are exhausted and navigating our new reality!