Elle’s Studio – December Layouts

Oh the weather outside is frightful! 

I just love this photo of Sam from 2016. I knew that after seeing the Winter Puffy Stickers and the Let it Snow stamp from the December reveal, I wanted to document this moment in a 6×8 double page spread.  

This page is about one of the most memorable snowfalls in Toronto. At the time, I took baby Sammy in a sled to pick up his older sister from school. I just love that 4×6 “Winter Snippets” card from the December 2018 Monthly Kit and I used it to tell 4 facts from the day.  

Is that a blue, purple and teal winter colour combo? Oh my!

Just like my previously layout, I have been waiting for a specific set of products to document our 2016 Family Day excursion to Niagara Falls. I am a huge fan of purple and you don’t often find purple snowflakes on journaling cards. I loved that multi coloured snowflake card in the December Kit.

Also I heart those puffy stickers 🙂 Like usual, I added this durable embellishments to create a visual triangle. I add some fact and feelings journaling to three, 3×4 cards and called it done!

I love the non traditional winter colour schemes in both layouts. Elle’s Studio Kits are on sale now! Thanks for looking!

Elle’s Studio – November Layouts

Are you feeling the magic of the season??

This month I used the November kit from Elle’s Studio to create two Christmas themed, 6×8 double page layouts. Documenting these layouts, has made me really really excited for the holidays. I may have started to listen to Christmas music! Ha!

I used the red labeled card to tell the story of the annual Hunter family gingerbread bake off. I first recorded this story in my December Daily project, but decided to add more details and include it in my daughter’s story album.

I loved layering the wood veneer snow globes, this season phrase stickers, red Jane alphabet stickers and various die cuts from the monthly kit on my photo. I just love that red!

As soon as I saw the green “Good Cheer” card from the November kit, I knew I wanted to document the story of baby Sam at Christmas.

I use the green label card to record Sam’s growth and development. My goodness, he looks so small in these photos!!

I then cut up green papers from the Merry & Bright 6×6 paper pack to create journaling cards and layered die cuts from the monthly kit. I really love the greens, blues and whites in this kit.

Such a fun monochromatic layout! Are you in the mood to scrapbook the holidays??

Thanks for looking!

Elles Studio: October 2018 Release

Oh hello, sweet boy!

It’s the 10th meaning that Elles Studio’s monthly kit and add ons are now on sale! It’s October and I am diving back into making a Traveller’s Notebook; creating a fall gratitude journal which contains some of my most favourite seasonal moments from year’s past. In this layout I am document our 2017 trip to Pingle’s farm to pick pumpkins and what my kiddos enjoyed from the experience.

As always, there are so many great die cuts a part of Elle’s monthly kit. I used them to add layers on my page as well as create a visual triangle.

In other news, I have started stamping on my layouts. I know this is super simple, but I think I am in love! This month, I used Elle’s thankful stamp to create a border on my page.

Major heart eyes for the Trick or Treat wood veneer this month!

For my second layout this month, I created a layout about my daughter’s first Halloween. I have documented this story before in a mini album highlighting Halloween through the years but I wanted to create a 6×8 layout for my girl’s story album. I just love that black plaid journaling card!

I used puffy stars and wood veneer to create a visual triangle around the page. The stars perfectly matched the cards and are a great edition to add some visual interest. Plus the stars matched the colours in my photos perfectly! Win-win!

I don’t know if it’s the change in season, and a new colour palette to work with but, overall, I love documenting fall moments, especially those from Halloween.

Thanks for looking!

Episode 36: Andrea Williams

Today I speak with Andrea Williams, one of my scrapbooking friends in real life! I first met Andrea at Crop and Create Markham in 2015. Andrea has been completing a December Daily project since 2013 and also completes traditional layouts, Project Life, and Week In The Life. In this conversation we discuss the products she is excited for this year, how she completes layouts during the month of the December and how she incorporates memorabilia into her pages. This is a special “memory keepers in cars getting coffee”! Andrea was a great sport to let me record our conversation in my car and I hope you enjoy Andrea’s awesome positive energy and outlook on scrapbooking as much as I do.

Enjoy the show!

Crop and Create

Ali Edwards December Daily

Ali Edwards 2018 6×8 December Daily Red Album

Paislee Press 2018 Decemeber Daily Mini Kit

Elle’s Studio Candy Cane alphabet

Elle’s Studio Document December kit



Elle’s Studio: September Kit

Happy Release Day!

It’s the 10th meaning that the September monthly kit from Elle’s Studio is now available and for sale! Below are two layouts that I created using this months cards and embellishments.

First up, here is a look at my August 2018 monthly pocket page spread. I took a break from creating monthly pocket page layouts over the summer, which is a trend that is pretty common for me. In Toronto, when the weather is nice outside, I generally want to make memories as oppose to scrapbook them.

I love the various shades of green in this month’s kit. It pairs perfectly with my outdoor photos!

I enjoyed pairing this month’s cards with these new overheard cards that are great at documenting conversations. This month, I continued to list what Sam is talking about. Although the “favourite wood veneer” is from the good eats / food theme set, I used it on a no food related card.

I also use one of the 3×4 journaling cards to capture a conversation between Rowan and Aaron. Ro is clearly in a Roald Dahl phase!

For my second layout this month, I created a 6×8 double page layout documenting my son, Sam’s experience with soccer & his little kickers soccer class.

Those Go Team Wood Veneer were a perfect edition to pair with this story and photos. I also had fun using the Hazel Tile Alphabet stickers to add some interest to my 3×4 cards.

I really enjoyed using the Notes from Today 3×4 journaling cards. The are so versatile and I can’t wait to use them on more projects.

Thanks for looking!

Episode 35 – The December Daily Prep Party

Welcome back to season 3 of Pocket Talk! On today’s show, I speak with Ali Edwards and Katie Jaeger about documenting the holidays. Specifically, we chat about their upcoming in-person crop, the December Daily Prep Party. In our conversation, we discuss the motivation for organizing this type of event, how it differs from Story Camp and what to pack, if you are attending. If the December Daily Prep Party isn’t is the budget this year, don’t fret! Ali and I discuss some of our initial plans for our 2018 December Daily projects. Notably, the 2018 December Daily order period starts Thursday September 6th & the last day to register for the December Daily Prep Party is Monday September 20th. Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

Ali Edwards

Katie Jaeger

December Daily Concept

December Daily Prep Party

Ali’s New York Entry from her 2012 December Daily

Elle’s Studio: Love This Adventure

“Let’s jump in muddle puddles!”

It’s the 10th meaning that Elle’s Studio August kit is now on sale and ready for purchase! This month I was immediately drawn to the blue journaling cards, the new blue Jane stickers as well as white acrylic piece that says “love this”. As soon as I saw that, I knew I wanted to document our recent camping trip on the beach.

Right now, my kids love Peppa Pig, especially the scenes where the family jumps in muddy puddles. I love that my daughter helped my son to sandbar so they could reenact this scene. I love this story and documenting these small every day moments!

Thanks for looking!

Elle’s Studio: Paradise

“Holiday! Celebrate!”

It’s the 10th of July meaning that it’s time for Elle’s Studio monthly kit release and some lovely add ons! I was a fan of the blue green dreamy hues in the kit. I create this 6×8 double page layout of our trip to the beach during the Canada Day long weekend.

A simple story told, embellished with the summer mix puffy hearts and the pool time wood veneer with this months add ons. I used these pieces so much and added them directly to my photos. I love how these pieces can help tell all you document your summer time adventures.

Thanks for looking!

Elle’s Studio: Fun in the Sun Layout

I can’t enough of little boys “driving plastic cars”!

It’s June 10th which means that the new monthly kit from Elle’s Studio is now on sale now! Inspired by the vibrant color in this month’s kit, I choose to use cobalt blue, green, yellow and orange for this layout of my son, driving his plastic car.

The color combo was inspired by top 3×4 journaling card. The “Fun in the Sun” card is from the printable collection which you can buy here. Both cards have a simple modern design and reflects Elle’s fun and play aesthetic, which I love!

Using the journaling card as inspiration, I mimicked the color in the tags, by clustering them together here…

And here! Placing tags on top of photos is one of my go to techniques these days!

Thanks for looking!

WITL 2018: Thursday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intentions

To capture what is real, right now

Thursday Photos & Stories:

Thursday Present Participle List:

Loving the blue sky even when it’s cold.

Celebrating the fact that my kids will help the chores like laundry. We have always used a reward system with Ro and now that she is older we have implemented weekly chores. Including helping sort the laundry, we also ask her to make her bed, fill up Charlie’s water dish daily, put her dishes in the sink after a meal as well as tidy her backpack and shoes. We pay her $5 dollars ever week which she can use for whatever she likes. Sammy isn’t old enough yet for an allowance but he wants to do everything that Rowan does. It’s a win win for everyone.

Eating breakfast in my car. It’s not my first choice but I wasn’t as organized I could have been this morning and this is the end result.

Listening to the rain at 5:30 am. Since the warm weather has arrived in Toronto, I like sleeping with my bedroom windows open. I love the fresh air and the occasional sound of rain.

Reading texts from my mom as she updates me on their arrival. My parents live 3+ hours away and it is always a big trek to the city for them. Did I mention that I appreciate their help?

Thinking about summer vacation and how we want to fill out time as a family. We are a camping family and we are excited to use the new car for some adventures this summer. Today over lunch, I book us a camp site at Long Point on Lake Erie.

Feeling good as I eat gluten free the entire day. Specifically enjoyed the lemon blueberry paleo muffins for breakfast and haddock and kale for lunch.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the feeling of ease knowing that my parents are looking after Sam as I take Rowan to her social skills group. I want to remember the joy in laughing and connecting with adults, specifically with other ASD parents, for my 45 minutes of free time.

Overheard on Thursday:

Rowan: “Can I buy a bike? I want to bike all around Toronto!”

Sam: “I have a penis! Mommy and Rowan have gulgas! We all have heads!”


Morning Although I wake up to the sweet sound of gentle rain at 530 am, I am still late for work! Seriously I forgot how busy mornings are solo parenting two kids and a dog. This is a crazy thought given that I solo parented for a week only 10 days ago! Ugh! Needless to say, I am looking forward to Grandma and Grandpas arrival this afternoon and not eating breakfast in my car.

Midday During lunch I receive an email that Rowan got accepted to her schools day care. Aaron texts me his thoughts and sends me pictures of his vacation / I mean work trip- haha! We accept the spot and which means our before and after care location will change in the fall. For now, I can’t help but think of summer and where we would like to go camping as a family. It’s May and I am eager to finalize our summer plans.

Evening After picking up Sam from daycare, I drop him off at home with my parents. I then drive Rowan to her social skills group on the Danforth. I spend 45 minutes chatting with parents of the fellow attendees. We laugh and share stories. With activities 3/7 nights per week, I am beginning to have a glimpse of what life may be like in a few years. Evening activities makes my day just a little bit longer. 

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!