Date night @ TIFF

photo 1

Friday night, I was up waaaay past my bedtime, watching a movie at TIFF. My childless self would have been so impressed but as a working mama of a almost 3 year old, the running commentary in my head went something like this as we waited in line to see the show: “when is this thing going to start?” “oh my there are a lot of young fancy people here”  and last but not least: “all i want to do is go home and put on my sweat pants“. That was until realized we were going to Gala screening. Yes, a gala screening – like gala / “world premiere” of the movie.  Earlier in the week, Aaron got free tickets to a film, and without actually knowing all the details, I agreed to go. Whoops!

photo 2

Little did I know that I would be seeing the director and actors introduce the film. Not only did I see John Travolta, Christopher Plummer and Tye Sheridan – in the blink of an eye, they were sitting 100 feet away from us. Although I was exhausted, the commentary in my head changed to: “omg – this is so exciting! I can’t wait to tell my mom!” and “oh my John Travolta has had a lot of “work” done on his face” and “I really want put on my sweatpants”.  

photo 3

The film we saw was called The Forger. It is a lovely and enjoyable movie that left me thoroughly entertained and happy that we called a babysitter. Although, at times, it was predictable but the acting from the cast, particularly Christopher Plummer and Tye Sheridan was quite good. Totally worth staying up late and wearing “real pants” for! And in my books, that is a successful date night 🙂

Rustic Carrot Fennel Salad


Although labour day has passed, the warm summer weather has suddenly arrived in Toronto. Let’s face it – I am still not ready to turn on my stove so salads for lunch and dinner it is.


I call this little number “rustic” cause old Jess doesn’t have a medallion nor the mad knife skills to chopped the fennel thinly. Oh well….some you win and some you eat!


Truly this is the easiest salad known to man. I was first introduced to this refreshing recipe through friends. It requires a bulb of fennel, two large carrots, sesame seeds and the juice of lemon. That’s it!




So simple. So refreshing.  Just chop, shred and toss and you are ready to go.



Add some a little salt and pepper to taste. Boom! Yum 🙂 

Project Life 2014: Week 29



How is summer over? I mean, didn’t this just happen yesterday?



This week, I played around with two sizes of enlargements. Typically, I blow up the “best” photo to create a statement, but I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better. I love the picture of the sun setting as well as the one of Charlie, in action, getting out of the water. So two enlargements it is! Hooray for indecisiveness! On the left, I used Design A age protector and on the right, Design C. All cards are from the Dreamy Core kit, by Heidi Swapp.



Fun fact: the journalling doesn’t match all the photos. For some reason, I find it easier to design a page when all the photos “match”. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s how my mind works. In addition to documenting our relaxed evening outs to beach, I also documented / wrote about our trip to the doctor and to Stratford to see the play, King Lear. Another week in the books!

Happy Tuesday!

How He Documents


If you are like me, when Ali says, “jump” – I often respond with “How high?”. No doubt that I am a keen follower. So when she mentioned last week on her blog on how she included her partner’s perspective in her scrapbooking, I started to reflect on how Aaron has helped to documented our lives. See, I am a lucky gal, who has a super supportive husband. He “gets it”. No only does he encourage me to document our daily lives, he also helps to record our memories. Below are a few ways, Aaron has shared his perspective in my memory keeping.

Project Life


Project Life 2013: Week 26

Aaron is always quick to let me know if Rowan is doing something cute. He will call me or snap something himself if I am not around.  The large picture of Rowan brushing her teeth is one example of how he encouraged me to get my camera. And when I say, “encouraged”, I mean “told me to I better come quick….and bring the camera”. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone…..Ok sorry for being so dramatic. I would survive, but I would hate lugging my DSLR around all the time!    

Pregnancy Album




Pregnancy Album

Back in 2011, I created a pregnancy album that highlighted my journey from conception to birth. It was before I started Project Life but essentially was a mix of pocket pages and traditional layouts. It included this layout, which had 20 facts about Aaron that he wanted Rowan to know. Aaron happily obliged and wrote some really lovely things. Essentially, I created and formatted a document in word, based on a sketch from Ali’s Yesterday and Today class, and Aaron wrote. and wrote. and wrote. Swoon!!!! Three years later, I still love what he shared.

Journal for Rowan



Aaron’s Book for Rowan

Lastly, on the day that Rowan was born, Aaron started to write in a leather journal he bought in Italy in 2009. It’s a mix of serious, silly and sentimental thoughts and notes. I love that he is doing this and that it is his own thing. Also great? His hand writing! What a keepsake!

Bottom line: Aaron is supportive of my memory keeping efforts and participates. He is not always a fan of selfies – but who is? Seriously, I am thankful.  Is your significant other supportive of your memory keeping ways? How have they helped you record your memories? I’d love to hear!

Happy Monday!

Grandma’s Gallery Wall


Ok – so technically this post isn’t related to decorating our house, but I did print the photos, buy the frames and suggest the layout for the gallery wall. Let’s just say someone recently had a milestone birthday and I wanted to do something special for my mom….I mean for the special person in my life. My mom, I mean, person, wanted to have pictures of her granddaughter and I was all too happy to oblige her.


Bottom line: I love living with pictures. Having sold our home this year, we de-cluttered our space of personal items, including family photos. I can honestly say that I missed having them around. There is something about the moment + memories captured in a photograph and proudly hung in a home that energizes my soul from the inside out. Giving that as a gift to someone else was a very fun thing to do especially when it involved my girlie…..I can totally say that now, after the drama of hanging said photos is over.


I know I am a total convert, but apart of me thinks that if I wasn’t a scrapbooker/Project Lifer, this gift would have seemed like daunting task. My photos are in no way shape or form perfectly organized on my computer, nor to I have the perfect life. I do remember specific moments, both good and challenging, better than I use to because I engage with my photos on a regular basis. I look back and honour the moments in time that have past while also reflecting on what they will mean for the future.  Taking pictures is just one half of the equation, but that’s the part that I love.

Turned out well / Cute, n’est pas?

Project Life 2014: Week 28


No toddlers were hurt in the making of this Project Life spread! Promise!


You may remember a few weeks ago, I did some baking with my girlie in our new kitchen. We were in the midst of unpacking and I unfortunately didn’t take many photos from this week. No problem! I did take *ahem* a few of our first kitchen adventure. Eh Viola – a baking Project Life spread was born! I know this spread doesn’t represent the entire story of our life and I am ok with that. I am really good a remember the stress and not always so great a remember the small little fun details. Looking at these photos makes my heart skip a beat. I loved baking with my mom and I hope to continue that tradition with Rowan. And as the journaling card says, I didn’t make them from scratch – but instead from a box!


I haven’t used many of the yellow cards from the midnight kit. Yep, I have a whole stack of them just sitting in the kit. When I printed these photos, ones with a neutral white background and limited colour scheme, I knew immediately, that I could use 8 of them across the double page spread. It a very basic template but I like how stylish it is.

Have you used Project Life to document your recipes?



….is totally a word – I swear!

This weekend, the girls, aka Rowan + I, ventured north to visit my parents while the boys, aka Aaron + Charlie Pup, stayed_ in the city to catch up on work. Charlie had some major napping deadlines to attend to – what with all the walking and jumping off the pier that he’s been forced to do this summer. Just kidding.  Aaron really did have to work and although I was jealous that he had some uninterrupted baby free sleeps, I did feel bad that he miss out on this small adventure. I love getting out of the city and into wide open spaces.

photo 1

This weekend, was the first weekend, we didn’t have to rush off to do some crazy house related thing. It was so nice to relax and watch as Rowan “drive” the lawn mower in circles with my dad supervising. This was an activity my sister and I liked to do as kids. Very cool to see this simple pleasure passed down to the next generation. Lord help me, when she turns 16.

photo 2

This weekend, I watched Rowan and my mom bond through play. And let’s just say our girlie plays intensely. Right now Rowan is really into “doctor: In the above photo she is telling my mom to “Say…..aww!”. Love watching my mom come alive as she plays with Rowan. My mom aka “Grandmat” as Rowan calls her is awesome.

This weekend, I drank alot of coffee, meet with friends to discuss Project Life and even got scrapped a little myself. This small adventure was a great way to end the summer. I hope you had a great weekend whatever you did!


Lemon Lime Watermelon Pops



As Rowan says, “Oh hello, delicious!


Recipe, Lemon Lime Watermelon Pops, Adapted from Chatelaine


1/2 cup water

1/4 granulated sugar

5 cups watermelon (preferably seedless)

1/3 cup of Limonata

5 Tbsp of freshly squeezed lime juice


Make a simple syrup by boiling water and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves.

Cut up watermelon and puree. Since I couldn’t find any seedless watermelon, I had to painstakingly sorted the seeds by hand using a sieve. This added an extraordinary amount of time to the process and could have been easily avoided. But you know me, I was completely and totally up for the challenge! Bring it on! Mama wants / needs some lemon lime watermelon pops!

Combine strained watermelon, limonata, lime juice and simple syrup. You should have 2 cups, with enough liquid to fill 6 individual moulds.

For this recipe, I used classic moulds from Tevolo. Super cute and super affordable. I can totally see me using more these in the future. Freeze moulds overnight, until firm.


Enjoy on a hot day or when you need a little refreshing pick me up!

Right Now: August 2014: Home Edition


Setting up Rowan’s play space in the basement. To date, I have unpacked 62 (freaking) boxes! Hard to believe that when I went to university, I had 3 boxes of stuff.

Loving Donya’s gallery wall for her son and trying to figure out where I can get my hands on a wood burner thingy….yes, that is the precise name of the tool!

Scrapbooking in our dining room as my craft space is the last thing to get organized in our new house. I have many high hopes for what this new space will look like.

Wishing money grew on trees as I am eyeing up this map, this print and this set of fake deer  for Rowan’s room.

Picking up this enlarged photo tomorrow for our living room from our local photo developer.

Loving everything about the new house, even if I have 1002 ideas and only a small amount of time to implement them. Oh why can’t there be more hours in the day?

What are you up to right now in your home?

Project Life 2014: Week 26 & 27


Empty house pictures? Yes, please!


For this spread, I combined two weeks into one and focused on one major topic: moving into our new house. Moving means life can be chaotic. Add summer onto this equation and Project Life gets put on hold. After documenting life for 3 years, I recognize and accept that enjoying summer it’s part of the and ebb and flow of my creative work. No worries, stress or guilt here people! Summer weather is to be enjoyed and it’s super easy to “catch up” of Project Life – especially if you keep things simple. Take for example Exhibit A: aka the enlarged 6 x 12 photo of our kitchen in the middle. I heart large “statement” photos!


Journaling cards reflect the feelings of the two weeks including the highs and lows. Thanks to texts, blog posts and general reflections on the moving process.  Layout includes Design A page protectors and cards from my favourite PL edition: Midnight.

Do you “take a break” from Project Life in the summer? If so, do you feel guilty or stressed about the break?