The new (empty) house tour


Cue “jazz hands” – I am that excited to show you our new space. It is beautiful and stylish and I am so very proud to call it home. LivingRoom

The Livingroom:  Tiles on the fireplace. Swoon!


The Dining Area: I love me that light fixture! And booth seating is pretty awesome too.


The Pantry / Kitchen / Storage Area: High fives all around for extra kitchen storage! And is that a wine fridge, I spy? Why yes, yes it is! Perhaps the best things about this space is that counter is just high enough that Charlie can’t reach it. Fingers cross there won’t be anymore turkey licking incidents like what happened during Thanksgiving 2012…


The Kitchen: It has my heart. Considering that our kitchen on Lee Avenue was incredibly small for one person, not to mention two people! This space had me at hello!


I love everything about this space:  the industrial look, the storage and the open concept. I don’t mind slaving over this hot stove!


This is the back of the kitchen that looks on to our backyard. This will be prep area, so more than one person can cook. Hooray! It’s a Christmas miracle.


The Master Bedroom:  Great light. Feels so open and airy.



The Second Bedroom: Aka the blue room aka the nursery. You know if we have another child. No announcements people – just thinking / hoping for the future!


The third bedroom: Aka the purple room aka Rowan’s room. Love that light and the colour too. Can’t wait to make this a big girl room for my big girl.


The bathroom. Not too shabby eh? My mom has mentioned, on more than one occasion, that she would like to move into the upstairs bathroom. If it means free childcare, so Aaron and I can see a movie now and then, I say the more the merrier!


And there you go. Thanks for touring our empty, humble abode. You can see why my “jazz hands” are in full swing. We  are so incredibly lucky that the previous owners had great style and taste. I can’t wait to personalize this space and show you snapshots of our progress. I know I am going to enjoy making our house a home.

So it begins…


Howdy! Welcome to my new blog home! I’m so excited for a fresh start.

So you wrote another blog?

You betcha! My first blog, Life on Lee Avenue, was a family and memory keeping blog that I sporadically wrote over the last four years. When I started it back in May 2010, all the cool kids were “doing it”. I had recently discovered scrapbooking and thought, I spend enough time reading other people’s blogs, why not start one myself? I’m just that kinda gal. It wasn’t daunting or scary. In fact, it seemed like a really, really fun thing to do. And it was. I quickly realized that it allowed me to share my creative work and house an online diary for my daughter’s development. Some of my most popular posts include: Day in the Life Meets Project Life; Layout: You Should Know; 2012 Week in the Life Completed Album; and Scrapbook on the Road Using Project Life.

Fast forward to May 2014 – a decision to sell our first family home and purchase a new one meant that the name of “the blog” was no longer relevant in my eyes. Ugh. Given the existential crisis I faced (read: created myself),  I seriously questioned / agonized over the direction I should take. So staying true to Jess fashion, I decided to create a new blog / website. I mean, why not try something new on top of moving? Not the smartest decision I have ever made, I know, but I am totally up for a new challenge!

Why the name, Cheers, Jess?

First, Jess seemed a little plain – too plain, for my liking. If you’ve meet me in person, you know that for the most part I am a upbeat, “the glass is half full kinda person”. I am have a sarcastic side and have been know to drink a few *ahem* glasses of wine.  The name Cheers, Jess seemed to fit with who I am and what I want to blog about. I want this space to reflect life’s celebrations, both big and small.

What can you expect from Cheers, Jess?

Monday to Thursday, you can expect more of my “winning personality”.  At the heart, this space will continue to be  focused on family life, memory keeping and decorating our dream home. I may even throw in some of my adventures / disasters from my kitchen. I have an editorial calendar ready to go and I hope to inspire and entertain you, so that you will come back to visit again and again (and again).

Dude, where are your archives? 

Dude, I am so glad you asked! I am in the awesome (read: not awesome) process of transferring all my popular post from Lee Avenue over. It takes time and I am getting there. Look for more content to show up over the course of the next couple weeks + months.

Bottom line: Thanks for sticking around and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to!