WITL 2018: Thursday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intentions

To capture what is real, right now

Thursday Photos & Stories:

Thursday Present Participle List:

Loving the blue sky even when it’s cold.

Celebrating the fact that my kids will help the chores like laundry. We have always used a reward system with Ro and now that she is older we have implemented weekly chores. Including helping sort the laundry, we also ask her to make her bed, fill up Charlie’s water dish daily, put her dishes in the sink after a meal as well as tidy her backpack and shoes. We pay her $5 dollars ever week which she can use for whatever she likes. Sammy isn’t old enough yet for an allowance but he wants to do everything that Rowan does. It’s a win win for everyone.

Eating breakfast in my car. It’s not my first choice but I wasn’t as organized I could have been this morning and this is the end result.

Listening to the rain at 5:30 am. Since the warm weather has arrived in Toronto, I like sleeping with my bedroom windows open. I love the fresh air and the occasional sound of rain.

Reading texts from my mom as she updates me on their arrival. My parents live 3+ hours away and it is always a big trek to the city for them. Did I mention that I appreciate their help?

Thinking about summer vacation and how we want to fill out time as a family. We are a camping family and we are excited to use the new car for some adventures this summer. Today over lunch, I book us a camp site at Long Point on Lake Erie.

Feeling good as I eat gluten free the entire day. Specifically enjoyed the lemon blueberry paleo muffins for breakfast and haddock and kale for lunch.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the feeling of ease knowing that my parents are looking after Sam as I take Rowan to her social skills group. I want to remember the joy in laughing and connecting with adults, specifically with other ASD parents, for my 45 minutes of free time.

Overheard on Thursday:

Rowan: “Can I buy a bike? I want to bike all around Toronto!”

Sam: “I have a penis! Mommy and Rowan have gulgas! We all have heads!”


Morning Although I wake up to the sweet sound of gentle rain at 530 am, I am still late for work! Seriously I forgot how busy mornings are solo parenting two kids and a dog. This is a crazy thought given that I solo parented for a week only 10 days ago! Ugh! Needless to say, I am looking forward to Grandma and Grandpas arrival this afternoon and not eating breakfast in my car.

Midday During lunch I receive an email that Rowan got accepted to her schools day care. Aaron texts me his thoughts and sends me pictures of his vacation / I mean work trip- haha! We accept the spot and which means our before and after care location will change in the fall. For now, I can’t help but think of summer and where we would like to go camping as a family. It’s May and I am eager to finalize our summer plans.

Evening After picking up Sam from daycare, I drop him off at home with my parents. I then drive Rowan to her social skills group on the Danforth. I spend 45 minutes chatting with parents of the fellow attendees. We laugh and share stories. With activities 3/7 nights per week, I am beginning to have a glimpse of what life may be like in a few years. Evening activities makes my day just a little bit longer. 

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!

WITL 2018: Wednesday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intentions

To capture what is real, right now

Wednesday Photos & Stories:

Wednesday Present Participle List:

Loving this WITL project and using my “big camera”. Wondering why I don’t pull it out more often. Consciously not taking lots of work pictures for confidentiality reasons, but also for the fact that I want to document my routine with my kiddos.

Celebrating the fact that Rowan completed a second booklet at Oxford Learning. Aaron and I decided to get her reading help after her last report card. In the six weeks that she has gone, Aaron and I have both noticed that she is more willing to try to read. Tonight she helps read “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” book to Sam during story time….and it was adorable!

Eating “breakfast for dinner”  aka waffles with bananas and strawberries. Embracing the “good enough” approach to feeding my kids when Aaron is on his business trip. Tonight, I order in food which will last me the next three days. Sometimes, I just don’t want to cook.

Watching Jerry Seinfeld’s, “I’m telling you for the last time” stand up from 1998 on Netflix while blogging, editing photos and making CT layouts for upcoming assignments. I am eager to watch the latest episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale but I am need to get into “the zone” when I create.

Reading an email from Sam’s daycare inviting me to a special mother’s day activity. Excited to see what his school has in store!

Thinking that technology is growing leaps and bounds as Sam picks up a telephone. Sam is fascinated with the new technology

Feeling tender hearted and vulnerable as my partner leaves on another work trip. I will always be supportive of Aaron as he always encourages me, but I have to admit it is hard to be the one left behind. The kids have been very good but Rowan is more aware of Aaron’s absences and as such she has a lot of separation anxiety. On nights that Aaron is away, she prefers to sleep in my bed. At this point, I am totally okay with that.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the kindness and hospitality that Kelly show us when she invited us over for an impromptu play date after running into her on the street. The kids played well together while the mama’s caught up over lemonade. I love my friend. I love our neighbourhood.

Overheard on Wednesday:

Rowan: “Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight, while Daddy is away?”

Sam: “Can I hold your hand mommy?”


Morning This morning’s routine is a mixture of feeling sad and scattered. Kids are up early while Aaron is at the gym, meaning I am on full parent duty, getting breakfast, packing lunches and picking out clothes. Once Aaron arrives, home I race upstairs to hop in the shower. We switch up the routine as Aaron will walk Rowan to school, while I will take Sam to take care. We hug goodbye and I can’t help but feeling a little vulnerable.

Midday I leave the office on time and rush to the grocery store. I pick up a few “essential” items like milk, orange juice, strawberries, bananas, and waffles while Aaron is away. I rush to pick up Ro up early from after school and drop her off at Oxford Learning. I drive home, take Charlie out for a brief walk / bathroom break and then change into my gym clothes and running shoes. It is such a nice afternoon, I pick up Sam from daycare and walk along Queen street to meet Rowan at 5 pm.

Evening As we walk up our street, we run into a friend. As nice surprise, she invites us in for lemonade and a playdate. It is the perfect weather to hang out in the backyard to play with bubbles and throw the frisbee. The kids are dirty so we have another bath and face time with nanny. We read “Don’t let pigeon ride the bus”. Both kids laugh when I read, “Pigeon At the Wheel”.

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!

WITL 2018: Tuesday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intentions

To capture what is real, right now

Tuesday Photos & Stories:



Tuesday Present Participle List:

Loving the fact that I my work schedule has changed so I can the leave office earlier to come home to be with my girl. Ro needs the extra time to decompress from her day and in those moments where she wants her privacy, I catch up on housework. Today, I fold laundry and put dirty dishes from yesterday’s dinner and prep tonight’s dinner. This recent change of working 5 short work day vs 4 longer days makes me feel like I have some work life balance.

Celebrating the fact that my parent have offered to help while Aaron is away. Tomorrow Aaron leaves on a work trip, the 6th trip this year, and my mom and dad text me today to say they were coming for a visit. I accept and I am giddy to know that I will document my parents with my kids in this WITL album.

Eating paleo lemon blueberry pancakes for breakfast. This morning I woke up early so I could actually sit down to eat. Sam joins me at the table and wants to have a bite. I am always so impressed by his willingness to try new things. Two years, I ate a diet that was gluten free. I felt great and lost lots of weight. I am continually looking to improve my health.

Embracing unconventional workout times. With Aaron leaving tomorrow, I opt to run when Aaron and the kids have dinner.  Making time for myself and health is always a priority that juggle with the demands of raising young kiddos.

Listening to the kids watch “PJ Masks” after school / daycare. It’s rare that they will both watch a show together but this cartoon we have some common ground.

Watching John Mulaney’s stand up special, “Kid Goregous” on Netflix while I edit photos. Stand up comedy has been a source of relief and relaxation from work. Running also provides relief from the day to day grind. Tonight I go during dinner, so I can be back in time for bath and storytime. Tonight, I run a 3 km speed workout – thinking something is better than nothing.

Reading one chapter of Matlida to tonight, Aaron and Rowan have been on a real Roald Dahl kick. Aaron tells me latter that Rowan interrupts him by saying: “I just have two questions, 1. Where Matilda’s parents always mean to her and 2. Did you get a hair cut?”. Love there connection.

Thinking that the days of bathing two kids together maybe coming to an end in the near future. Both kiddos are getting too big for bath tub together

Feeling relieved that we didn’t have to go to Sparks tonight. Generally Rowan attends Sparks on Tuesday evenings but after attending camp over the weekend, the meeting was cancelled for this evening. I realize that I like having my own downtime at home at the end of the day.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the gratitude I have for the people in my life, Aaron, the kids, and my coworkers who understand and put up with my desire to document my life right now. I know its not always easy to have a camera around but I am already thankful for participating in this project.

Overheard on Tuesday:

Rowan: “Daddy, I want to buy I whoopie cushion?’ Aaron: “Whoopie cushions aren’t appropriate in public, so no”; Rowan:  “I can I use a whoopie cushion in private?” (Aaron and I looking at each other and dying of laughter)

Sam: “Hi Mama! The birds are very loud! Why is it so cold? What is that noise? Can I see the garbage trucks?” (I love the toddler’s stream of consciousnesses)


Morning  At 6:30 am, I wake up with Sam rolling a bus on my arm and telling me that the birds are loud. Before going to bed last night, I had to return Rowan back to hers after she crawled with Aaron due to a nightmare. Yes, its musical beds here at our house. Today’s morning routine feels rushed as I focus on WITL documentation. I forget to back Rowan’s lunch and swimsuit for school and she reminds us. I appreciate girlie’s new level of awareness but make a mental note to put up our May activity calendar on the corkboard. Although I feel like I am running late, we make it to drop off and work on time. Win!

Midday It’s a steady pace of rounds, charting and seeing clients. Today I meet with another new client at one and review the concepts of CBT. I feel comfortable in my role as a social worker and I am proud of how my skills have developed over the years. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow but for now I feel like I am in a groove. I leave the office on time (yay!) and I can’t help but feel good with the sunshine. On my commute home I opt to listen to some crafty podcasts which makes me want to get into my space play. Mental note, I need to clean said space before that happens.

Evening With our normal Tuesday evening activities (Sparks) are cancelled, I catch up on around the house activities. Laundry, unloading and loading the dishwasher are a few items to check off my to do list.  I prep dinner which includes, turkey meat balls, broccoli and pasta. While Aaron and the kids eat dinner, I take some alone time before Aaron leaves on his work trip. Tonight alone time = going for a 3 km run. The kids are happy that it is a bath night and Aaron plays a game with them. After the kids are in bed, Aaron and I chat about the day, the funny things the kids say and discuss the details of his work trip.

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!

WITL 2018 : Monday Photos + Stories

2018 Week In the Life Intention

To capture what is real, right now

Monday Photos & Stories:


Monday Present Participle List:

Loving the spring weather and how Toronto feels like it’s coming alive with colour. Yes to more 13 degree weather and sunshine! 

Celebrating no tears at drop off or pick up for Rowan. It’s been a while since my girl has been happy at before and after school care and I am proud that we made changes to my work schedule to accommodate her overall well-being. Parenting continues to be the hardest / best / rewarding / challenging thing I have ever done.

Eating breakfast standing up. Am I living my “best life” in this moment? No but the it’s reflective of what it’s like to be a working mom – doing soooo many things on the run.

Embracing the challenge of working with a client who has difficulty with eye contact and identifying emotions. I roll with resistance and walk around the hospital chatting with my client. It’s a gorgeous day and I am happy to try something different.

Listening (always) to podcasts on my commute to work. This morning I listen to “The Daily” which chronicles Rudy Gulianni’s career as NYC prosecutor, mayor and now Trump lawyer. This afternoon I listen to Dax Shepard interview Joel McHale on Armchair Expert. I am totally an auditory learner.

Reading over Rowan’s page of homework that was sent home today and making a plan on when we will complete it over the course of the week.

Thinking about all the changes coming in the days and months at work and trying to enjoy the moment that I am in.

Feeling content as I start this WITL project. This is my eighth year starting this project and I think I’ve finally internalized that I can’t document everything.

Gratitude / Note To Self ( I want to remember):

I want to remember the gratitude I felt when Aaron brought me coffee this after his workout. It’s a small gesture, but I totally appreciate his thoughtfulness. Coffee is still an important part of my morning routine especially in this stage of life of raising young kiddos and working. After 16 years together, he understands my need.

Overheard on Monday:

Rowan: “Daddy can you leave my door open?”

Sam: “That’s a very big tree! I can’t climb it, that’s for squirrels!”


Morning I feel a sense of relief as we return to weekday life. Having been away all weekend camping with Rowan’s Sparks troupe, which was awesome but so so tiring, I am ready to get back to my regular routine. Monday mornings are my jam (I know, I am annoying! Ha!) – I am energized to start the week and catch up with my coworkers.  It’s a race out of the house, to daycare drop off and into the office.

Midday After eating lunch during rounds, I have a moment to breathe, I check my texts, social media and email. I spend the next 2-3 hours writing assessments and treatment plans. I am watching the clock to make sure that I leave the office, “on time” to pick up Ro. I have made changes to my work schedule which means more 5 short days in the office vs. 4 longer days. After getting use to working through the week, I feel like I am coming close to “work / life” balance – or whatever that looks like! Ha!

Evening Tonight we have nothing on and I am little bit excited to chill. After dinner and playtime, Aaron and the kids go to bed just at 8 pm. I catch up on late night talk shows from last week. My current favourites include Late night with Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Seth Meyers. I clean the kitchen, tidy the toys and edit photos. As I write this, I am happy that there is still light out at 8:30 pm.

How did your day go? Thanks for reading!

Ali Edwards 2018 Week In the Life Unboxing Video


Happy Wednesday Folks! For those who are interested in completing Week in the Life kit, the new 2018 kit is now on sale on Ali Edwards Blog. Here is a quick unboxing video that includes my thoughts how I will be using some of the products in my upcoming album. Thanks for watching!


6:30 AM Feeling well rested after playing volleyball last night. This morning I awake as Aaron gets ready to go to the gym. He takes out Charlie and packs Rowan’s lunch in her backpack. Normally, I don’t work Fridays but given that Monday was a holiday here, I am going into the office. I quickly hop out of bed and get into the shower. Mid way through my morning routine, Sammy joins me. He patiently waits while I finish brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup.

7:57 AM Letting the kids watch Peppa Pig on the iPad as I run around the house, parenting solo / getting the kids ready for school. Today I will drop Sam off first and then Rowan second. It’s a treat to watch a show in the morning and at the table. For me it is a perfect distraction to help me get organized.

8:47 AM Catching up with school crowd and I instantly miss my mom friends. When I went back to work, I don’t know how I would handle not knowing how school was going for Rowan. Turns out, I have lots to keep my mind occupied. Now there are large chunks of my day that I have no idea what Ro is up to. Fridays are one way I can get a sense of what is happening.

8:59 AM Buying gas for the black car which comes to $46.00 for regular. Next I buy breakfast which includes coffee and a bacon gouda breakfast sandwhich which comes to $10.40. Normally I try not to buy anything through the week, saving coffee as a treat for the weekend. Sometimes life you go against your self imposed rules.

9:21 AM Seeing this en route, every morning on my way to work. Fun fact, I live to take the backroads / scenic route to the suburbs. Things have changed in the decade that I have started working at the hospital, scenery included. Listening to podcasts in the car during my commute has stayed the same.

3:31 PM Snapping a work elevator selfie. As a social worker and memory keeper, I have a uniquely keen interest in other people’s stories. As always, I am honoured with the fact that clients share their stories with me which include: the good, the bad, the ugly and the inspiring and everything in between. It is a priveledge that I do not take lightly.

5:11 PM Listening to the latest Fresh Air interview in the car. It is sunny but cold and my whole feeling towards the week has changed. Feel much more relaxed!

5:59 PM Arriving home; Aaron and Sam are first, while Rowan and I arrive second. Charlie is excited and starts to dig a huge whole.

6:15 PM Drinking Sommersby Pear Cider which is now available to buy at the grocery story! Love the cool sweet crisp taste.

Eating this tonight for dinner. It’s a Toronto favourite: Mad Mexican corn chips, guacamole and salsa. Such a treat! Yum!

6:42 PM Decompressing after the week that was. Sam is eating the chips and guacamole while Ro is watching Teen Titians. Aaron is reading Reddit and making pasta for the kids. Charlie is up to no good, waiting for us to drop something.

9:57 PM Relaxing with Aaron in bed. While he reads “Blind Sight” a science fiction novel, I am uploading and editing photos. The iPad is in the middle of us, streaming the latest Louis CK stand up special. We are what those crazy kids say: “netflixing and chilling”…or something like that. Bring on the weekend.

Friday Reflections

I am focused in the morning and relaxed in the afternoon. Maybe I realize its the weekend or it could be the fact that we are almost done this WITL project. Either way, I feel good about work, home and scrapbooking. No big revelations today, just feeling good.


  1. I am grateful for the end of the work week
  2. I am grateful for yummy snacks and not following a routine at the end of the day
  3. I am grateful for time to reconnect with my family

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

When Aaron tells me that I am getting a refund on my taxes this year. I forgot exactly what he said, but I am excited. Good times!

2017 Week In The Life Intention: To showcase the small things (stresses and all)


7:15 AM She is the last to wake up. Normally she is full of energy but today is different. Today she walks half way down the stairs and then sits. She is not impatient, but seems tired. Sammy says “Ro-ro” on repeat and points to her incessantly. After opening the gate she lays down on the couch and says she has a headache. She never does this. She is warm to the touch so we opt for Tylenol and rest. Today is a sick day.

9:01 AM It’s clear that Rowan is not herself, so I call blank school & speak with the secretary. We don’t own a home phone so I call on my cell. It’s so weird how technology changes. Ten years ago I would have called from a landline. While on the phone the secretary tells me a cute story about Rowan practicing for her school concert. The gist of our conversation is that Rowan gave the secretary a hug and asked her to stay to watch. Today is for finding out new stories about my girl.

10:17 AM I take a break from work emails and start to load the dishwasher. Fun times here at the Forster Hunter household. Today is for work and housework.

11:14 AM I decide that Rowan has had enough show for the morning. I pull out white paper and her markers. She “completes” a journaling page, drawing pictures of thermometers and butterflies. Today is for going with the flow.

1:02 PM Working from home / working from bed! While  Ro naps in her room, I work on advocacy letters and chat with coworkers and clients by phone. Today is about making it work.

2:15 PM We eat a late lunch after my work call. On today’s menu: chicken noodle soup. She’s got the twinkle back in her eye and wants to play a game of “guess what I ate?” She and her brother love being silly. I can’t get over how she lights up when she is playing. Today is for connecting.

4:19 PM Hop in the car with Ro to pick up Sam from daycare. It’s raining and althought its suppose to be 11 C today it feels like winter. I put my cold weather gear away over the Easter long weekend thinking it couldn’t possibly get colder. Well it has. My apologies to all for jinzing the nice weather. Today is for complaining about the weather.

5:45 PM Today is for quick and easy meals. The kids have eggs with fruit and veggies and I have Vegetarian Bi Bim Bap with tofu.

6:35 PM Today is for splitting the evening routine. I feed and bathe the kids while Aaron will come home and put them to bed. Thursdays are the nights I play volleyball and I am excited to get onto the court.

8:00 PM Today is for sweating.  Tonight we are a player down which means I have to be more alert than normal as we play for two straight hours. I always feel better after exercising and today is no different. Of note, I had the best sleep!

Thursday Reflections

For me, what has become increasing obvious over the course of my day is that I need more one on one time with my girl. I know it’s a cliché to say, but I am so busy concerned about the deadlines and drop offs that I am not always mindful about the relationships that need nurturing. It is clear that I need to carve out more time with Rowan and we need to cultivate our connection. I can see some mama-daughter dates on our horizon.


  1. I am grateful for the flexibility to work from home & coworkers to help me find information I need when I can’t access it in the office.
  2. I am grateful for some time with my girl and recognizing that we both need time together without “the boys”
  3. I am grateful for physical activity, team sports and the opportunity to move and sweat.

Thursday Present Participle List

Eating all the leftover Easter candy by the handfuls. Luckily mini eggs are only on the market for a short time.

Buying wet food for Charlie as he has only had kibble for one week.

Thinking that both the kids and I need a haircut ASAP.

Wearing my work clothes while I am at home because I am too lazy to change.

Listening to the nineties at nine on the radio as I drive home from volleyball. Seriously I am reliving my youth. Ha!

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

Overheard at Rowan’s bedtime:

Rowan: “Daddy, can you bring me Princess Poppy?”

Aaron: “Yes! I am so glad you like her, Rowan. You will have to tell Nanny that she is your favourite gift.”

Rowan (referring to the earlier Facetime call with Nanny): “We already talked to your mother!”


Overheard at Sam’s bedtime (Or what I think he said):

Sam (speaks like he has marbles in his mouth” “Where’s towel*”

Me: “There is a blankie in your drawer Sammy”

Sam (speaking like he has marbles in his mouth & grabbing two blankets from his dresser): “I get towel for Ro-ro”

Me: “Oh, that’s nice Sammy. Let’s show Rowan your blankie’s”

Sam (speaking like he has marble in his & carrying two blankets)  : “I take towel to Ro-ro”

Me: “Okay! Let’s show her!”

Sam (speaking like he has marble in his & carrying two blankets, goes to Rowan who is still in the bathtub and proceeds to throw one blanket in the water, then the other) “Uh-oh”

2017 Week In The Life Intention: To showcase the small things (stresses and all)


6:29 AM Most days I wear makeup even if it’s a work day or not. I am not going to lie, I feel naked going out in public without foundation and a little mascara. Even on maternity leave, I kept up wearing it. Silly or not, it is apart of my self care routine.

6:41 AM Most days I tidy up spaces that I leave, which includes the bathroom. I don’t know if I feel pressure to do this but I feel off if something is left on the floor. I notice that the laundry bin is getting full. Make a mental note to wash the towels when I get home from work this evening.

7:01 AM As Aaron makes Rowan’s lunch I set out the kids clothes and bags. Today it is raining and so I set out their rainboots. Most days I wonder if I dressed the kids appropriately and if they are warm enough.

7:03 AM Some days Sammy sits at the counter and plays with the tap. Today, he found a box of Dori gummies in the cupboard and is playing / talking to them. Everyday we are keeping a close watch of him and telling him to sit on his bum.

7:12 AM Most days she shares with him; sometimes she protests.

7:37 PM Most days I feel like we are running late and today is no different. I read a quote on Facebook that said something like when you are working parent you feel like to have parent your kids like you don’t have a job and work like you have no kids. I am trying to balance each of the aspects of my life. Tonight I work late which mean I am going to miss evening routine. I am happy to feel productive but I miss my kiddos on nights like these.

These days I feel like the “good” weather is right around the corner.

8:11 AM Most days I drive the black car, but today I drive the blue one which is my husbands. I notice when we get in that the car is almost empty. I fill up the it with $43.33 dollars worth of gas. Extra bonus: there is a Starbucks close by.

Most days I make my own coffee but today I buy one.

1:51 PM Once rounds are finished, I head back to my desk with a purpose. I have items to check off my to do list and clients booked with appointments at 4 pm and 5 pm. After finishing three key items, I feel a little squirrely and need to get out of our small office.

3:31 PM Most days, I power through behind my desk but today I go for a walk to get some fresh air. My head immediately feels better. I think about running and if I could fit training for a 10 km race into my schedule. Jury is still out on that idea but clearly just walking would help. Need to build more of this in to my self care.

6:01 PM Most days, I race to pick up the kids. Although I am eager to get home, I am able to enjoy the weather outside as I walk to the parking lot.

8:01 PM Most days he is asleep by 7:30 pm. As I walk up the stairs he calls out from his room. Aaron tells me that he has called out for me, so I can’t resist a snuggle or two.

8:15 PM Most days Aaron reads Rowan bedtime stories. Today I get to spend some time one on one time with my girlie at the end of the day. We read Pinkalicious and the Pink Planet, a book the Easter bunny brought here.

8:21 PM Most days she asks us to shut of the light and close the door when it is time for bed. Tonight she falls asleep as I read to her.

Wednesday Reflections

After a long day at work, I am so happy to be at home with my kids. However my day isn’t finished when they go to bed. I clean the kitchen, put dishes in the dishwasher and start on laundry. Oh yeah, I am also trying to document WITL. I know the value of this project which is why I keep pushing through. There are less photos today vs yesterday and that’s okay. Just keep swimming!


  1. I am grateful for a husband who actively parents our kiddos and has fun doing it
  2. I am grateful for strong coffee as usual
  3. I am grateful for this WITL project as it is helping me to see what matters most in my life and what is deserving of my time & attention

Wednesday Present Participle List

Attempting to drink more water after realizing I only drank one cup of coffee yesterday …. thank you intense week long documentary project!?!

Listening to “throw back hits” on the radio during my commute and thinking to myself,  those songs aren’t that old!

Thinking about my fitness goals and how to regularly schedule in running time into my routine…why oh why is it so hard !?!

Checking my smart phone incessantly for WITL updates and inspiration! Thanks for all the encouragement this week!

Watching Neil Brennan’s 3 Mic’s comedy special on Netflix for the fourth time as I write this blog post on Wednesday evening

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

Overheard when Sam wakes up:

Aaron: “Morning Sammy!”

Sam (speaks like he has marbles in his mouth): “Daddy, Where’s Ro-ro?”


During Rowan’s bedtime stories:

Rowan: “Mommy, read it again!”

2017 Week In The Life Intention: To showcase the small things (stresses and all)


5:55 AM Tuesday are work days which means I wake up earlier than Aaron and the kids to get myself ready. “I am a morning person” which is mostly true and also my pep talk to get me out of bed. I shower and get dressed in my office clothes. My watch and wedding ring are generally the last items I I put on before I head out the door.

Most days I put her hair in a ponytail.

Tuesdays are garbage days around here. When I leave the house, I have tunnel vision – I need to drop Rowan off at before and after school care and then drive 50 ish minutes to work. My hope for today is that I don’t get caught behind a garbage truck.

1:59 PM Clinic is done and I rush to a meeting that I almost forgot about! Thanks Google calendar for the reminder and keeping me organize. After an extra long weekend with the kiddos my brain feels like mush. This is not like me and I am somewhat frustrated. As I run to my meeting, I enjoy the sunshine in the foyer at work and notice wall art that I have never seen before. Love opening my eyes during this project to see what is really around!

4:36 PM After two back to back afternoon meetings, I leave work. I wonder if there is enough time to run to the grocery store after work to buy some essentials like milk, bananas and strawberries before picking up Rowan. The sun is shining and I keep the windows open the whole way home to get a cool breeze. I desperately want to put my sandals on, but can’t. My drive takes almost an hour so my grocery store plans are foiled. I wonder if I will have enough energy to venture out  after the kids go to bed. Spoiler alert: the answer is no. We have enough I tell myself, we will have to make due for one more day.

5:30 PM Rowan is helping to clean up when I stop in at blank school. Specifically she is sorting the dinosaurs and sea creatures into two separate bins.  Her after school teacher says she had a good day and was a good listener. Rowan is excited to tell me this herself. She runs down the stairs, asks if we are going straight home and if she can watch some shows. I say yes to both things.

5:53 PM Ten minutes after we get home, so do Aaron and Sam. Charlie is excited see everyone as am I.

6:00 PM She asks a few times what is for dinner and if she can have a snack. I offer her cheese, crackers and grapes. She only chooses the crackers to eat. Right now, she loves to watch Sid the Science Kid. Tonight she watches an episode about the digestive system and asks me if she has a long intestine in her body while I make dinner. Ha! Never a dull moment in our household.

6:01 PM Sammy is excited for cheese when I bring out the snack. Right now, he loves to be in the learning tower helping me cook as he loves to be where the action is.

6:07 PM I boil some water for the pasta and start making a lemon, turkey and pea sauce.

6:08 PM Aaron takes off his suit jacket and grabs the mail. After flipping through mostly flyers, he goes up stairs to change. It is so nice to have him at home for dinner. I know that this won’t always be the case. In fact, today he texted me to say that his business trip next week has been confirmed. I will fly solo next week Monday to Thursday.

6:24 PM Dinner! Tonight she wants her pasta with cheese and only the peas from the sauce. It’s true, she is picky eater but she has come a long way. In addition to encouraging her to eat a variety of foods, we are also directing her to use her utensils. She uses her fork and I secretly do a happy dance in my seat. It’s an ebb and flow / fine balance of continually cheering her on and at times, she doesn’t always like my praise.

6:25 PM Love my goof balls.

6:42 PM He loves to follow what his sister does. Like Ro, Sam puts his cup and plate in the sink after getting down from his high chair. I like the help cleaning up.

Yeah, this dishes wont get done tonight. Dishwasher is packed, so they will have to wait for tomorrow.

7:11 PM Tonight is bath night. The kids race up stair and Aaron starts running the water in the bath tub. Rowan and Sam have a love/hate relationship when they play in the water. Usually, someone protests that the other has taken their toy unjustly. Tonight it is all about the love as the combine their efforts in splashing Daddy. We again employ man on man parenting. I take Sam out and chase him in the hallways until I wrangle him to put on his diaper and pjs. Aaron creates a story with Rowan and takes her downstairs for a bed time snack. After doing some stetches, I run the dishwasher and go to bed around 9:45. I am exhausted.

Tuesday Reflections

Although I was excited to go to work to have some adult alone time, I realize that there are actually tangible tasks that I need to complete! Ha / Blergh! It is good to see my coworkers and clients and catch up on how there Easter celebrations were but my head is foggy which is totally not like me. I am semi frustrated for my lack of clarity. I push through, because what else can I do, but “just keep swimming”. I am relieved to see my kiddos at home and to have a little down time in the evening. It’s crazy the difference that one day makes.


  1. I am grateful for coffee, coffee, coffee!
  2. I am grateful for podcasts and the chance to learn something new on my commute everyday
  3. I am grateful for the simplicity of pasta night dinners

Tuesday Present Participle List

Listening to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast on my way to work

Buying coffee & tea for my coworkers at Tim Hortons – mama needs an extra pep in her step!

Attempting to speak in sentences at work; however, the extra long weekend has affected my word recognition…what the, the what?

Doing some stretching / deep knee bends after the kids go to bed as my piriformis muscle is sore

Wishing there were more hours in the day to do everything I need / want to do like going for a run along the beach.

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

As told by Aaron as he picks Sam up from daycare:

Aaron: “Hi Sammy!”

Sam (speaks like he has marbles in his mouth): “Daddy, I build big tower!”

Or so we think he said! Ha!


Overheard during bathtime when Rowan was chatting with Aaron about what she wanted to be when she is an adult:

Rowan: “When I grow up I want to be a Grandma! Yes, a Grandma Forster!:

Aaron: “You can have kids if that’s want you want, Rowan!”

Rowan (directing her comment at me); “Jess, you can be the mommy, I will be the Grandma!”

2017 Week In The Life Intention: To showcase the small things (stresses and all)


7:01 AM After watching Elmo in bed, the kids and I head downstairs for breakfast. Aaron has a headache so he sleeps in. I fly solo with the kids, just hanging out playing.

9:02 AM My little buddy helping me do laundry. Sam loves to take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Today he tries to dry his owl and the play potty along with the white towels. If left to his own devices, he would throw books in there too and press all the buttons, 8261 times.

9:36 AM Dressing children and making funny faces in no particular order, since 2011. Love these self timer moments and capturing life through door ways.

10:11 AM Holiday Mondays are for playing with stuffed animals that Nanny and the Easter bunny brought.

11:26 AM Before leaving the house for our walk this morning Charlie followed us around to make sure we were leaving all together. We go to Starbucks for our usual “weekend treat” – that’s a grande flat white for me; a black tea lemonade for him;  croissants for the kiddos. When we get to the dog park we lose Charlie’s ball and the kids want to explore the rocks. I’m not going to lie, having a dog complicates things with two young children. Charlie barks incessantly for us to throw something, anything! It is like he is shouting at us, thinking that we are somehow holding out on him. Balancing Charlie’s demands with normal child rearing makes me a little squirrelly at times, today included. At least he gets to swim and splash.

12:05 PM As Rowan plays soccer outside with the neighbours, Sam and I make lunch. Sam “helps” and I only have to clean up minimal liquid off the counter and floor. On today’s menu: scrambled eggs with salsa and gucamole for me while it is scrambled eggs with strawberries and cucmbers for the kids.

1:06 PM I lie down for an hour; only to get back up to do chores. Holiday weekends are much different with kids. There is no break from housework. No binge watching anything today unless “binge watching” means unloading the dishwasher. Ha! I’m so tired….

2:15 PM Someone draws Princess Poppy as I tidy up. Her penmanship is improving and I love to see her get crafty. I also love the fact that she wants to give this picture to baby A after she learns that we are having an afternoon playdate.

Most days, this one rests during quiet time too.

3:09 PM Generally he is happy EXCEPT after he gets up. Thank goodness he slept because he skipped 3/4 naps this weekend. No wonder he is cranky. Also: his fine motor skills are so good, he takes his own sleep sack off! Ha!

3:10 PM Daddy is home from the gym. Both kids are eager to tell them about their afternoons.

3:20 PM Put on my comfy clothes & bandana as we are going to play soccer and blow bubbles in the park. It’s not a workout per say, but I do get in my steps.

4:15 PM He is confident in climbing the stairs and going down the slide. I follow him and remind him to watch the steps and sit on his bum. I’m sure, I look like a crazy person but I don’t care.

4:31 PM Before we racing out of the playground to the closest Starbucks to use the bathroom, Aaron and I “switch”. We employ a man on man strategy when it comes to watching out kids at the park. He is often with her, I am often with him. I savour these moments with my big kiddo more than I did before. I am not sure why. The warm hearted moment ends when she gives me sass and I switch back to toddler mode.

6:00 PM Aaron makes chicken fajitas for dinner. I am thrilled but I am counting down the moments until I can have some time to myself. This mama is tired. Sam goes to down around 7:30 pm while Ro is in bed by 8 pm. I hop on the computer and start blogging. Hooray for Monday!

Monday Reflections

This morning I am relaxed but by late afternoon and I am eager to get back to my regular work routine. I love having a long weekend off with my kiddos but I am a creature of habit. I need some adult alone time. I like the fact that I didn’t have to drive anywhere in the car today but oddly look forward tomorrow’s commute and the opportunity to listen to a podcast or two.


  1. I am grateful for sunny days and crisp spring air
  2. I am grateful for slower paced days that are spent walking in our hood
  3. I am grateful for impromptu play dates with friends

Monday Present Participle List

Craving chocolate for breakfast but opting for lemon water and oatmeal.

Listening to Rowan sing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and I am impressed with all the words she knows.

Reading & re-reading truck books to Sammy and marveling at how much he enjoys the “beep-beeps” (aka his word for trucks).

Watching the latest episode of SNL on my Ipad after the kids go to bed & loving Jimmy Fallon and all the guest appearances.

Snapping lots of pictures and saying Ali’s words over and over in my head: “show me your life, right now…”

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

Overheard downstairs between Aaron & Rowan:

Rowan (in a robot voice): “Give me some food, I am hungry!”

Aaron: “Can you ask me nicely?”

Rowan (still in a robot voice):  “Robots don’t know any manners!”


Discussing how I arrived at school when I was a kid with Rowan, outside of Starbucks

Rowan: “Mom, did you go to Blank School when you were my age?”

Me: “No honey

Rowan: “Whaaaaat? You rode a bus?”

Favourite Moment:

When Rowan drew a picture for W our next door neighbour, to say thank you teaching her how to play soccer.

2017 Week In The Life Intention: To showcase the small things (stresses and all)