Episode 18 : Diana Sanchez


On today’s show, I am speaking with the incredibly inspiring Diana Sanchez aka The Lovely Pear. Living in Midland Texas with her husband Shawn, son A&J as well as  two dogs & two ducks, Diana is currently on the 2016 Becky Higgins Project Life Creative Team. As a Project Life newbie, Diana has only been scrapbooking since June 2015. Her passion and enthusiasm for pocket page scrapbooking reminds us to “just start”. Check out Diana’s drool worth Instagram account or  her amazing 2016 title page – one of my favorites!  In this conversation we discuss how Diana got started scrapbooking with Project Life, the resistance her friends express to scrapbooking & how she styles her finished layouts for social media. We also chat about her favourite actions.

Enjoy our conversation!


Project Life 2016: January Layouts


It’s alive! Yes, a few weeks ago, on Periscope I hinted at the fact that I was going to start my own Youtube channel. I am happy to say that is finally a reality – Eek! Yes, it took too many hours & days to figure it all out but, I did it. Check it out my first video here. Basically it summarizes my approach to my 2016 album and takes you through 4 layouts from January. As always, thanks for all your love and support. Have a great weekend!

WITL 2015 | Thursday Photos & Words



Today was an interesting weather day: it called for both rain and sun. As such, girlie wore shorts, rainboots & jacket and took her sunglasses to daycare. She even asked me, “Can I bring a ‘rainbrella’ to Sarah’s”. Fun fact: we joke about “Jess-ism’s” in our house. These “ism’s” are all the funny things I have said over the years. Rainbrella is a term I coined in 2003. It would seem girlie is catching onto my lingo.


Although I was ridiculously late for drop off, I was able to get out of the house, 2 kids and all! Bonus points: everyone washed, fully clothed and fed. Am I a miracle worker? No I am just a mom.


If you came to visit me, you would find me here, holding Sam, drinking coffee, looking at my iPhone on the couch, most days. Some days I switch it up and hang out on my bed.  I am almost 4 weeks post op and I am itching to start running.


Sam went to his first movie today. He and mama give the new Guy Ritche film, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. two thumbs up!


He shoots out the door like a bullet every time I come home. It’s like he worries, we will never take him out.


Someone made a birthday “book” for their daddy for his special day. Apparently she understands her father’s love of reading.


His and her’s takeout. His: Deluxe Hand tossed pizza. Hers: Hawaiian thin crust.


Everyone is excited when the birthday “boy” comes home. Not pictured here: Charlie mauling Aaron.


Everyone drinking for their party glasses. Good times at the table.


This guy was super alert today even in his daddy’s arms.


We are in the process of establishing new normals and new routines. I thought leaving the house was challenging before, doing it with two kids takes it to a whole new level. Rowan will start kindergarten in a few weeks; and although her school is two blocks away, I wonder if I will continue to be able to have everyone ready before we leave the house. Organization is key.


I am grateful to switch up my routine and to go to the movies. Treating myself to a show is a great way for me to rejuvenate and identify with my pre children self.  I am hoping to continue to see a movie when R goes to school and we have an early pick up time.


Celebrating Aaron’s birthday and seeing the excitement through Rowan’s eyes.

Pocket Talk: Episode 10: Kellie Winnell


On today’s show, I speak with the crafty and creative, Kellie Winnell of Give a Girl a Blog. From Victoria, Australia, Kellie is the wife to Luke and mama to 3 daughters: Kira, Chloe and Heidi. Currently on the Big City Quiet Design team and owner of  Kellie Stamps, her own online stamp shop, what I love about Kellie’s pocket pages is how she documents her sense of humour and shoe collection. In this episode, Kellie shares her favourite embellishments, inks and iPhone apps and what she’s currently struggling with. This is a great conversation about different journaling perspectives and how to include your kids in the Project Life process. On a side note: a huge thank you to Kellie for her patience as we recorded multiple times over a poor Skype connection!

Enjoy the show!

Right Now: April 2015


Soaking up the sun after dinner on the playground. After what feels like a never ending winter, I am so happy to put away my winter jacket and to be wearing my sandals. Last night Rowan was throwing the ball for Charlie in between going down the slide and singing the itsy bitsy spider. Hooray for being outside!

Scheduling lots of interviews of guest for upcoming Pocket Talk episodes. Oh why, oh why can’t there by more time in the day!

Power waddling everywhere I go. I am officially 6 months preggo and feeling humongous. Blergh to swollen fingers and feet. Reflections on the second trimester coming to the blog soon.

Downloading this comedy special and hoping to watch it with Aaron soon. I always laugh at this clip, especially if I need a pick me up.

Launching this new class at Big Picture Classes next week. If you have been wondering why I have been absent in this space it’s because I spend many hours over the last month compiling this course. I am so excited to share my thoughts about vacations & pocket pages – I hope you enjoy it! More details to come.

Anticipating date night on Saturday. Our regular babysitters have moved back to the area and so Aaron and I are going to celebrate by seeing the new Avengers movie & going out to dinner here. Yum!

What are you up to right now?

Announcing: My new BPC class!



Hi ya folks! Have you seen the new Big Picture Classes Website? It’s lovely and holds one of *ahem* a few classes, I will hopefully teaching this year. My current class, Beyond the Pocket, shows you three ways to use your pocket page cards and supplies in non traditional ways. You can read more about it here.

If you’re not familiar with Big Picture Classes, it’s an online learning platform for all things crafty, offering classes that cover all the crucial topics about crafting, creating, and documenting memories that you’ll need to excel and then some. Become a member of our learning family, and you’ll get access to as many classes as you want for only $9.99 a month. Each class brings you a variety of topics and ideas, not to mention videos, PDFs, prompts and so much more! Check out the BRAND NEW Big Picture classes to find out more about how you can learn everything you need to know to document your memories beautifully every time!



The Giveaway Goes to…

The winner of their choice of a Big City Quiet Designs card set is:

Jessica says:

Oh my goodness! This was such an awesome podcast to listen to. BigCityQuiet and Cheers, Jess (back when it was life on lee ave) were two of the first blogs I found when I first started pocket page scrapbooking the end of 2013. I still feel like I’m struggling to find my style, but I’m definitely getting there. Any time I feel the need for inspiration to simplify and refocus on what matters most (the photos and words), I turn to both your blogs. To hear that you don’t like everything you make, makes me feel so much better about my books and encourages me to just keep documenting. Love both your styles. Thanks for putting your work out there for me to swoon over. :)


Jessica, please email me at jess (dot) forster (at) rogers (dot) com, to claim your prize!

Right Now: January 2015


Thanking the lovely ladies of the 2014 Project Life creative team for a successful blog hop on Monday. So impressed they went along with my crazy idea.

Enjoying this class and all the students. Seriously have I mentioned how grateful I am for the opportunity to connect with people from around the world? Pretty awesome!

Riding the energy wave that is often associated with the new year. Hoping it continues in the weeks and months ahead.

Consuming sour keys like its my job. Apparently I am in sixth grade again.

Drinking the new tall flat whit coffee/espresso drinks from Starbucks. It’s no surprise why I am a fan -more espresso and sweetened milk….hello! Thanks to Hugh Jackman for introducing North America to my new favourite drink.

Hoping that the pipes in our new home don’t burst as then have frozen with the frigid weather. Yes it’s a balmy -25 C with the windchill, here in Toronto.

Looking for a new show to watch on Netflix. I should note that I am patiently waiting for True Detective, season 2 and Call the Midwife, season 4 to come back on. Any suggestions for shows that I could craft to would be much appreciated!

Counting down the days until we register Rowan for kindergarten. Seriously can’t believe she will be going to school in September. I know it’s a slippery slope when it comes to growing up, I’ve hear going to school excellerates that process. Le sigh. My baby is growing up. What else is new!

The Best of 2014

2014-10-05 11.45.07

Best iPhone snap

December 31st. The last day of the year. We are roughly 12 hours away from hitting the yearly reset button and I just wanted to share a personal round up of my twenty fourteen’s best moments. Looking back, I am surprised at how much we did and how much I created! Have a look:

Best Tutorial

Before I started blogging here, I was posting at Life on Lee Avenue. Early in the year, I created this video to share with others on how to create personalized cards for your Project Life title page. Hard to believe that was 11 months ago!

Best Fifteen Minute Layout: 


In some ways, this set page set the tone for my entire year. With a deadline quickly approaching and the need to submit 4 pages, I put this layout together in 15 minutes – a record for me. Simple, quick and easy, I learned memory keeping didn’t have to take multiple days to finish.

Best Move (Literally):


This past spring we decided to search for a bigger house. Six intense weeks late we found and bought our dream home. July we moved in. Life was chaotic and hard but the end result was so worth it. PS….we are loving our new space.

Best Use of Colour in a Layout:


In June 2014, we were lucky enough to visit the Outerbanks, North Carolina. For those keeping score, that was before Hurricane Arthur hit. When I sat down to create this vacation page, I threw caution to the wind and embraced colour. Normally, I am super intimated by colour – true story! Note to self, try this more often in 2015, Jess!

Best Date Night: 

photo 1

In September, we got free tickets to a TIFF movie. Little did I know we would be watching the movie alongside the movie stars themselves. Funny because all I cared about was wearing my comfy pants. Ha!

Best Travel Pages


In September, I finished documenting our pre baby trip to Argentina and Chile. This was one of my favourite pages I created out of the group. So fun to put this trip into page protectors!

Best/Yummy Recipe



Get in my belly! I would love some Blueberry Peach crumble right now!

Best Page Documenting Grandparents


Super fun to have this page in the books and on the Scrapbook Cards and Today Magazine blog!

From my family to your, Happy New Year! Stay tuned – I can’t wait share more exciting / interesting adventures with you in 2015!

Project Life 2014: Week 36 / Scrapbook Cards Today Blog


Black, white and blue/green colour combo for the win!



A few weeks ago, I shared this layout on the Scrapbook Cards Today blog. You can read that article here. I was so honoured to be invited by Catherine – that I immediately said yes! Fun fact: I can remember when I first discovered scrapbooking, I obsessively read SCT magazine from cover to cover, trying to find out anything I could about this hobby. Below are some more “eye candy” photos of this layout…




Ah wood veneers! My stash wouldn’t be complete without them….





Supplies include: Heidi Swapp Favourite Things Core Kit; Design V page protectors; 6×12 page protector.

Thanks for looking!