Project Life Meets Day in the Life 2.0

Last year, I wrote a blog post on how I incorporated Day in the Life  into my Project Life album. I am slowly working on getting my archives in order…sorry for no link – please forgive my tardiness! That post was a fun way to show you how I used a repeating design theme within the context of Project Life to document a Day In the Life. Today, I thought I would revisit the topic and show you how I am capturing DITL in PL in twenty fourteen. Cool? Cool! Let’s do this!
Examples from 2013:
January 2013
April 2013
PL2013AprilDITL3Example from 2014: January 31PL2014Week5Full


May 8




The biggest difference from 2013 to 2014 is that I am simplifying my design. Instead of incorporating 16 + photos (one enlargement and 15 in grid form), I am including 8 photos in my album (six 4 x 6 landscape and two 6 x 12). Instead of using my computer + different fonts to capture my thoughts, I am strickly using my handwriting and Project Life journalings cards. Instead of documenting my thoughts on my blog, I am journaling directly into Instagram as I take the picture in the moment. I am totally embracing the mantra: something is better than nothing!


Obviously, I am still heavily relying on technology to document various moments in our day to day life. Like last year, my iPhone continues to be my camera of choice. Like last year, I try to edit my photos in the moment and do so using PicTapGo – my current favourite iPhone app.  Like last year,  I continue to convert my photos to black and white. I find it easy and simple to design a page with black and white photos. It gives the classic look to my album. Win win!

Bottom line: 

Regardless on how I capture our memories, I am just so freaking excited that I some these small moments / stories down on paper. Looking back on these 4 layouts over these past 2 years, I see how much Rowan has grown, the different parenting stage I am at and how much we have grown together as a family. How cool is that? Growth, evolution, history all displayed through a few photos. No doubt, I try to keep documenting our life in this format moving forward.

What about you? Do you participate in Day In the Life? How you scrapbook your photos and words?